If I Strum Chords, Would You Sing A Song With Me?

This is a photo of my collection of guitar picks that I got from the concerts I’ve been to. I know that for some, it’s “just” a guitar pick, but these babies are important for me because they are souvenirs for some of the best nights of my life. Each one of them has a different story.

The first one that I acquired was the black Good Charlotte pick. Well, it doesn’t really have an interesting story. I just bought it from one of the guys who I guess helped out in setting up the stage or something. I was walking with my big brother and my best friend then he just approached us. It just happens that my best friend and I had extra cash so we bought one each. (Good Charlotte Live @ Glorietta Mall, April 6, 2011)

The three orange picks – The Ready Set, A Rocket To The Moon, Forever The Sickest Kids – I got them from the. best. concert. ever. — LIV5

I’ll start with the FTSK pick. I got it from the second day of LIV5 (Feb. 17, 2012 @ Glorietta). It was thrown to our area then I had to fight for it for like a few seconds before I got it. To be honest, I was quite disappointed because I was expecting that there would be a band logo or something on it. But still it’s from FTSK so it’s cool 🙂 I think it was Caleb who threw it.

I got the two others from day 3 of LIV5 (Feb. 18, 2012 @ TriNoma).

I’m not really sure who threw the ARTTM pick because I just saw it fall in front of me (It’s not Halvo because he used a yellow one, so it’s either Nick or Justin). I didn’t really have to ‘fight’ for this one. At first, I thought I was the only one who saw it because there were no other hands near the pick as I grabbed it. Later on, I learned that my dad who was behind me blocked all the other fangirls. HAHAHA. Awesome dad.

Like my GC pick, I just bought my TRS pick from some random guy who works for the venue. That time, I was desperate. TRS is my top favorite band and of course I want a pick. I didn’t wanna go home without one, and then we saw this guy. He kept on insisting it was an ARTTM pick (both have the same color) but I kept on bugging him and his co-workers, asking for a TRS pick. After a couple of minutes, he looked at the pick he was holding and realized that it was TRS, not ARTTM! Wooo! Haha.

The two remaining picks – green and white (Wow, the color of my school. Haha) are both We The Kings. Okay, this is my favorite story of all. During their show in Manila this year, I managed to get to the front row. The stage is very close to us, compared to most shows I’ve been to. The second time my band crush Hunter Thomsen, guitarist, saw my sign, he went in front of me and “gave” me the white WTK pick. Oh my god. Fangirl moment!!!

Charles Trippy, the bassist, “gave” me the green pick during the last song “Check Yes Juliet“. I totally didn’t expect that omg. Again, I was in the front row, and Charles is the one who’s almost always playing directly in front of me. And when he goes near, I always grab the opportunity to touch him (also Hunter ’cause they’re both on the left side). And yeah, I was just shocked when he just reached out his hand to me, holding a pick. My gosh. And then when the band finished playing, he smiled and nodded at me. Another fangirl moment!!! (We The Kings Live @ Hard Rock Cafe, May 28, 2012)

Tip to fellow concertgoers:

Be observant. Do you know what happened during the first day of LIV5? Well, during the short break, I was just sitting there. And then there’s this guy from behind who said, “Excuse me” then he was looking at something. I looked the same way and saw an orange guitar pick laying on the ground, underneath one of the chairs almost in front of me. I tried to grab it too but he won. Haha. No hard feelings because it wasn’t a TRS pick, it was ARTTM. Lol. I looked back and smiled at him and his friends, then I think I said “Peace”? Hahaha. That was fun though, plus I learned a lesson. Thank God I got a same one on the third day. Life is gooood. Haha.

Blog Title inspired by the song California – by Metro Station


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