A Little More The Ready Set

After a month of waiting, my package has finally arrived! Woohoo!

I swear as soon as I laid my hands on these babies, I felt extreme joy. I’ve always wanted to have these CDs for oh so long but I didn’t order before because I kinda hoped that the albums will be released in our country. Plus, I was kind of afraid because this is something I haven’t done before: to place an international order.

It was really awkward because we claimed two boxes and we didn’t have any paper bag or something, so we just held it until we got inside a cab. Thank God I have my scissors with me and there is extra space in my backpack. So I opened the packages already and transferred everything inside my bag. Why? We still have (or want :D) to stop by the mall before going home. I ended up buying a cute pink skirt, pretty dark blue dress (I’m amazed that this Extra Small dress fits perfectly! Because usually it’s still quite big on me), and a fab book about glitters (Oh yeahhhh I loveee glitters). We also had our lunch there. (Yes, I know it’s Monday, but my first class starts at 4pm lol)

When we arrived home, I tried on my new clothes and I started fangirling about my TRS merch in whatever way possible. Hahaha. And guess what? As I log in Twitter, I saw a tweet from one of my concert buddies, saying that she heard The Ready Set‘s latest single “Give Me Your Hand (Best Song Ever)” on a local radio station, RX 93.1! Awesome! I sent a thank you tweet to this junior jock (I saw her previously tweet that she loves TRS) and she said that the song is already on the playlist, we just have to keep on requesting for it. Yay!

I tweeted Jordan and TRS Daily about it, and guess what I got the following day? RAD! 🙂

I also want to point out, the previous (and also first!) reply I got from Jordy is from July 2011. It’s been a year. And it’s also a one-word reply asdfgsda but still! I LOVE YOU JORDAN WITZIGREUTER & THE ENTIRE TRS CREW!

Edit: July 26


Merch Vanity:

Blog Title inspired by the song A Little More – by The Ready Set

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