Oh Sweet Perfection, Won’t You Hear My One Confession?

Remember the first time I heard a preview of some of the tracks back then, and then said I hate the album? I take it back. Continue reading


Song of the Week: Journey To The End Of My Life

I would describe this song as one of my all-time favorites. The lyrics are just amazing and I can somehow relate to it. When I go to bed, most of the time I think about lots of stuff first before sleeping. I think that’s the reason, aside from the song being catchy, why I fell in love with it. This song is not my top favorite from Allstar Weekend‘s album Suddenly Yours but the lyrics just basically get to me.

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Sex On The Radio

Last week, I was very surprised when I found out (from a friend of mine, a fellow “giant”) that The Ready Set‘s latest single Give Me Your Hand (Best Song Ever) is already playing on the Philippine radio. She heard it on Monster Radio RX93.1. Awesome, right? Then I tweeted one of the junior jocks of the said station and she confirmed that the song is already on their playlist. Continue reading

If I Strum Chords, Would You Sing A Song With Me?

This is a photo of my collection of guitar picks that I got from the concerts I’ve been to. I know that for some, it’s “just” a guitar pick, but these babies are important for me because they are souvenirs for some of the best nights of my life. Each one of them has a different story. Continue reading

She’s In The Front Row

More than a year ago, I became a huge fan of Never Shout Never. When I get so addicted with a certain band or musician, I usually dig them on YouTube. Aside from music videos, I watch their live performances and interviews. I came across NSN’s performance (in the US) of Love Is Our Weapon on YouTube (which was taken down, unfortunately). I thought to myself, wow this is such a great show – the stage isn’t as far from the barricade, like the people in front were very close to the band. Never have I imagined that it would actually happen to me, considering the security here in the Philippines, especially the fact that in most concerts, the first row is already a bit far from the stage itself. Continue reading