Best Cover Ever

The Ready Set‘s latest single Give Me Your Hand (Best Song Ever) was covered by 6 known bands! I totally didn’t expect this. But it’s cool, right?!

Head over to AltPress to stream the covers.

List of Bands:

> Romance On A Rocketship

I love love love this cover! I am really amazed on how he made a ballad out of an upbeat song. It sounds so heavenly. It gave me a totally different feeling from the original. Beautiful I must say. It’s my favorite out of the six!

> Anarbor

This version is also cool. For me it was pretty simple, just an acoustic version. But I love how the voices were blended.

> For The Foxes

I find this cover cute. It’s also an acoustic version, but aside from just the guitar, there were piano and whistling effect which I liked very much!

> Plug In Stereo

I’m sorry but I find this version a bit boring, compared to the others. Not hating or anything, that’s just my opinion.

> Vivi

Yay for the girl version! To be honest, I’ve never heard of this band before, but I think they did a pretty good cover!

> The Endless Summer

A great rock version of the song. I love it! It’s my second favorite out of all.

*Get your FREE download here.

You can download the original version of Give Me Your Hand here.

Blog Title inspired by the song Give Me Your Hand (Best Song Ever) – by The Ready Set




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