Run, Baby, Run

Last night, I received a text message from Katty. She said that she saw We The Kings’ self-titled album at Astroplus (SM Mall of Asia branch). When I saw her text, I was like OMGASDFASDFGSDGSDF. I didn’t believe it at first. I mean, hello? It’s WTK’s debut album which was released in the US back in 2007,which is 5 years ago!

Prior to WTK’s show last May 28, I was informed through Twitter that all of their albums will be released. I was so excited, not only because of that news, but also because I have a Meet & Greet with the band and I’ll get the chance to have the CDs signed. SADLY, the CDs weren’t released before the show. Yup I was disappointed (I love collecting CDs). What I did was I printed two photos of WTK instead (because we are only allowed a max of 2 items per person).

Anyway. As soon as I read my friend’s message, I was like, I have to buy one ASAP! Not only because  they might run out, but because I’ve been dying to have that CD for sooo long. I planned to go to MOA on Friday or Saturday, but then, I was able to go there today, thanks to my college best friends Belle, Christian, and Pat! I saw Belle and Christian before my 1pm class. We had a little chat and they mentioned that they were going to MOA with Pat because Pat had to buy something. Then I said I needed to buy something too and I found out that all four of us will be dismissed at 2:30pm, so I get to join them. I thought they were joking when they said that Christian is gonna drive. Lol.

I felt so much joy as soon as I laid my hands on that precious CD. Before I paid for it, I browsed for a while. After buying our “needs” and some window shopping (I saw a lot of cool stuff at Terranova, but I went there to buy the CD and not anything else, lol), we left the mall already because we still have class tomorrow. I opened my CD already because I was excited, and at the same time I wanted to check if there are cracks or anything. There’s a photo of the band at the back of the CD case and I was like, “Hey guys, look! This is Hunter, my love!” Hahaha. I almost forgot that I’ve already told them about my ASDFASDF moments with Hunter last month. LOL. Then, we played the CD! I’m aware that Pat and Christian (even though they are not a fangirl and a fanboy) know We The Kings, but to be honest, I was really shocked when I heard them singing along to Secret Valentine (first track). They actually know the lyrics!!!  It felt awesome: singing along with one of your favorite songs with some of your best friends 😀

They dropped me off at my place.  As soon as I got home, I shared my excitement with my mom and immediately played my CD!

Looking forward to the local release of the two other albums, Smile Kid & Sunshine State Of Mind! 🙂

Blog Title inspired by the song Check Yes Juliet – by We The Kings





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