Party, Fun, Love & We The Kings

Last Monday, I saw one of my top favorite bands, We The Kings, for the second time. One of the best concerts ever.

It was my second day of school (which means that it was our first meeting for some of my subjects). Every Monday, I only have two subjects from 4:20pm to 7:30pm. For the first time ever, I cut classes for a concert. I originally didn’t plan to cut, but then two days before the show, I found out that the Meet & Greet will be held at 4pm. I freaked out. I told my friends about it then they all said, “Cut na!” “Walang bumabagsak pag absent sa first day“, “Introduction lang yan“, “Sayang 3k” etc. How stupid of me to hesitate going to the show. I was worried – WHAT IF the professor gives an assignment or anything? Thank God I found some friends who are enrolled in the same section. Yeahhh.

My mom and I arrived at Glorietta at around 3pm. Then I went to Photo Depot to have two copies (for Gem & I) of two photos to be autographed by the band. It was so last minute. I expected that WTK CDs will be sold on or before the show itself but… 😦 Anyway, I went to Hard Rock Cafe afterwards. I was so happy to see my fangirl/fanboy friends again. When I arrived, they were like, “Theaaaaaaaa!!” Hahaha. Then we hugged and talked before I joined Gem at the VIP line.

After a couple of minutes, the bouncers went to their positions which signaled that the band is about to arrive. The excited fans rushed to the elevator! People kept screaming even though the band hasn’t arrived yet. Haha. And finally, they arrived!

while waiting in line (credits to:

The Meet & Greet session started afterwards. While waiting in line, Gem and I made new friends – the two girls behind us. Usually, fans get bored while waiting. But we weren’t! Why? We were entertained by these two security people. They kept on teasing Gem because she was the one who was the most excited and they were telling us to just relax, blah blah, and they mentioned that they also handled Mayday Parade‘s concert last year, etc. We had such a fun chat! 😀

We were finally let in. While waiting in line inside, I waved at Travis Clark (he was the one closest to us that time) and he waved back and I was like ASDGSDHSDGTASDFAS. Then yup I hugged all of them, twice (before and after they signed the photos). GOSH they are so tall, and I was already wearing 3-inch wedges!! Hahaha. (It was my first time to wear heels for a concert LOL.) Hunter Thomsen is so attractive oh my god. He was the only one that I said “I love you” to, and he said “I love you too” AWWWWW. He has always been my crush in We The Kings, and I can’t believe I almost forgot about that…probably because of Jordan Witzigreuter (The Ready Set)? Anyway, I got nervous during this session because the people-in-charge were already telling us to leave but I haven’t gotten a hug and an autograph from Travis (He was the last one I approached) but I’m glad I did 🙂 Bummed that he was wearing sunglasses (couldn’t see his eyes :() and hat (because his hair is fab) but still I managed to touch just a little bit of his hair! Hahahaha!

Honestly, I was a bit disappointed that we weren’t allowed for a solo picture with the band. The people in front of us in the line were the last batch allowed for such. But then, it’s kind of a sacrifice we have to make, as fans, for the show to start as soon as possible. (I also need the show to start on time because I have 8am class the next day and I still have some reading assignments because I was only added to our class’ FB group just this day). Despite being quite disappointed, I was TOO happy to complain. I mean, I met them oh my god! What a bitch I would be if I complained. Plus, I’m friends with these girls, so I’m good with the photo 🙂 I want to add that I felt kinda bad for Charles and Coley, because they weren’t included in the official poster (which I had printed). Though I found it cute when I saw that they didn’t know where to sign, then I just told them, “Anywhere” and they were like “Oh, okay” and they smiled. LOL.


We were instructed to go back in line after the Meet & Greet. I got quite bored, sleepy (because of body clock issues), and hungry because we had to wait for hours. While waiting, I asked Gem for a piece of paper so that I can make a sign for Hunter. I brought my own markers (red, black, and blue) just in case I might need them, and I did. I made a sign saying “Hunter I ♥ U -Thea” 🙂 Afterwards, the band did some soundcheck. Everyone waiting in line outside, got back up on their feet and started to scream and sing along. Run baby run!!! It was so fun! You can clearly see on the fans’ faces how happy and excited they are!! And then some guys started taking a video of us. Haha. The crowd also sang along to We’ll Be A Dream. I can never forget how everyone laughed because the crowd couldn’t reach Demi Lovato‘s voice in a certain part of the song. Hahaha.

We were finally let in the venue after hours of waiting after the Meet & Greet. We literally ran towards the stage to get a good spot. I was like on the second row and I was cool with that spot. I stayed there during December Avenue‘s set. When the opening act left the stage, my friends helped me get to the front. YAY!

Everything was funny before We The Kings came out. People kept on calling their crew members, Yoshi and JJ, while they’re on stage. Their new tour manager, Duncan, was also on stage, but most people don’t know his name. Random songs were being played during that time, and the crowd was singing along. Then there was this girl who made a sign on her iPad saying “Yoshi, Call Me Maybe” and then the crew members laughed. Duncan is the one who was always laughing. Then he announced (through the microphone) the first few numbers of Yoshi’s phone number. Haha. Oh, the smiles on their faces were priceless!



We The Kings opened up with She Takes Me High, the first track from their second album Smile Kid. Oh my god. It was insane. The crowd went wild when the band came out, and wilder during the chorus of the song. I was so happy that one of my favorite bands is right in front of me  and THEY ARE SO FREAKING CLOSE!!!!! (the barricade isn’t too far from the stage). Like I could really touch Hunter and Charles when they go to the edge of the stage! (because I can step on this thing below the barricade lol :D) I can’t forget how I touched Hunter’s knee because of the design of his pants hahaha. But then it was quite painful. I keep getting pushed especially when the band members go near the crowd, and I couldn’t jump so much because I’m getting squished in front. But as I previously wrote, I was TOO happy to complain about such things.


The second song they played was Skyway Avenue. It was their opening song last year for LIV3 at Ayala Malls [Feb. 16-20]. The next songs played were What You Do To Me and Kiss Me Last. I don’t exactly remember, but while one of these three songs is being played, Hunter Thomsen saw my “Hunter I ♥ U -Thea” sign. OMG! He stared and smiled at me and I was like ASDFAFGFGADFAS and then he went near me and extended his arm so that I can reach his hand. AAAAHHHHHHH! ♥ 

The band then played Friday Is Forever. Oh my god. During the first part of the song, Hunter was doing these dance(?) moves on stage, and then when Travis sang the “Waiting for a girl like YOU” part, Hunter pointed at me and I was like OHMYASDFGADFGSDF. My friend Carmel who is behind me saw it too and we fangirled together LOL. Because of that, I can never listen to that song the same way again. I learned to love this song even more! 

Also, at some point during the concert (I don’t exactly remember when), I raised my sign again and Hunter saw it again. Then he said something but I couldn’t understand it, so I just nodded and said “Yeah”. The next thing I know, he was walking towards me, handing out a guitar pick! AWESOME! I totally didn’t expect that ’cause when I made the sign, my only goal is to be noticed. I was SO surprised! It was the first time ever that it happened to me. And there was no problem about it because I was on the front row and as I said, the band is SO close to the crowd. YAYYYY!

Next song played was Every Single Dollar. I was able to record it 🙂

Then they played All Again For You, which they weren’t able to play last year, followed by Secret Valentine and We’ll Be Dream. Last year, the latter was played in acoustic but this time it’s not. They had a duet with a pretty lady. (Sorry I don’t know her name.)

The next song is called Party, Fun, Love, And Radio. They’ve never released that song, and according to Travis, they played it live for the first time ever here in the Philippines! It was actually a great song! Here’s the video I took:

Coley then joined Travis on stage. Before they started to play the next song, there was like a little discussion. The crowd at Coley’s side screamed “We love you, Coley!” and then Travis pointed out how that side of the crowd really loves Coley. In his words, “It’s like, fuck  Travis, I’m with Coley.” Hahaha. Then someone gave Coley a sign saying “We love you” and then Travis translated it and said “Mahal namin kayo“. The crowd screamed!

(photo by: Kevin Pableo)

And then, both of them started to play Heaven Can Wait. They were joined by the rest of the band when the song is about to end. The stretching thing that Travis and Coley did were priceless! So funny! Hahaha. Here’s another video:

I’m not sure but I think it is after that song that We The Kings kinda wrote a song on the spot. Hahaha. It’s called Astig / I Love Steak! The crowd was surprised when Travis said “Astig kayo!” Then the crowd was like “Astig! Astig! Astig!” BUT Hunter thought it was “I love steak!” HAHAHA. He’s such a cutie!!! 

Next on the setlist is Say You Like Me, my favorite from their latest album. I really really love this song! I don’t know why but I felt some kind of magic while this song was being played (like when The Ready Set played Hollywood Dream last February). Weird but cool. The song was followed by a cover of The Middle by Jimmy Eat World. Totally didn’t expect that they would play a cover.

Last but not the least, Check Yes Juliet! As usual, I felt a little, just a little, bit sad because this is the last song already. But I still had a blast. Another unexpected thing that happened while this song is being played is that, Charles gave me a guitar pick!!!

I was shocked. My eyes were focused on Travis that time and then the girls around me started to extend their arms, then when I looked in front of me, Charles was giving me a guitar pick. I can say that he was really giving it to me because he was looking at me (Probably because he noticed that I take every opportunity to touch him when he’s near hahaha). And I just grabbed it, like no effort at all (I didn’t have to step on the thing below the barricade just like what I did when Hunter gave me his pick). Then when the band is about to leave the stage, Charles smiled at me and I was like ASDFAGGSDFGFSDGD again. LOL. Also, Travis promised (just like what he did last year) that they WILL be back. Hoping!

After the show, I said hi to some friends then I lined up to the merch table. Funny, I was surrounded with girls holding drum sticks. Lol. I remember last year, I almost got Danny’s drumstick but I lost the war! Haha. Anyway, here’s what I got: The blue shirt that I’ve always wanted since I saw it on the WTK website, and a red WTK baller:

Afterwards, I claimed my complimentary drink and then my parents fetched me from the venue. My dad said I was still shaking as we were leaving. Hahaha. Then we passed by this 3D television thing (no glasses required)  inside the mall, it was being setup or something, and then this foreigner talked to us about it and he said, “What you’re seeing in front of you right now, probably 98% of the people in the world haven’t seen it.” COOOOOOOL. And based on my understanding, it’s more expensive than a house. OMG.

Anyway, when we got home, I was still full of excitement. I AM SO DAMN HAPPY. I couldn’t stop smiling and talking about how awesome tonight was, and my ears were still ringing…until the next day. Haha. My bruises also showed up next day. Funny, they were all scattered. Usually I only get bruises on both knees but this time it’s everywhere (but mostly on my left leg). Everything hurts especially both of my arms and my upper left leg. Hahaha.

I seriously had SO MUCH FUN. I don’t know how I’m supposed to describe it. All I know that this is one of the best nights of my life. Thank you so much Built By Sonic, Dayly Entertainment, and everyone who made this show possible. Thank you also to my friends who made this event extra fun, to my parents who support my fangirl lifestyle, and thank you Lord for protecting me tonight!

P.S. Somebody needs to bring We The Kings back because I need to ask Hunter Thomsen to marry me. LOLJK :)))





*I love Coley too but he was too far; I couldn’t get any nice photos of him. Also, when the show was about to end, someone threw a bra and an underwear lol.

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Blog Title inspired by the song Party, Fun, Love & Radio – by We The Kings


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