Burnin’ Up for DJ Danger

Yesterday, Thursday, was my first day of classes. Fortunately, I don’t have Friday classes because DLSU’s 4-day class schedule is back.

I was supposed to go to the dentist at 10:30AM but then I woke up late because I’ve had too little sleep for the past 2 days (body clock is still messed up). So, my mom and I went straight to Glorietta. Before we had lunch, we met up with my friends Katty and Kristen. They were there at 8am to line up for the Meet & Greet pass for Joe Jonas. But then there were problems with Bench. Unfortunately, my friends, as well as the others who lined up very early, did not get any M&G pass 😦 After having lunch, my mom and I claimed our tickets. Yay!

It was still early so we just roamed around Glorietta, Landmark, and Greenbelt. I got a bit emotional while we were walking around Glorietta because of LIV5 memories. Also, I went to Hard Rock Cafe to check the venue for We The Kings‘ concert on Monday 🙂 Honestly, I think it’s a nice venue but it’s too small. It was said that 500 tickets are being released, and I think the place will be too crowded that’s why I’m very worried, plus the fact that I am a short and skinny girl 😦 But then, there’s a second floor, my parents are planning to stay there during the show so that they can look after me 🙂 I hope and pray that everything turns out fine.

After a couple of hours, my good friend Iza and her sister, Lady, arrived at the venue already. That time, my mom and I were eating at Cafe Breton, so they roamed around for a while. I can never forget the conversation that my mom and I had. At one point, she asked me where my sign was, and I said it’s inside my bag. Then she said, “You should write MARRY MY MAMA.” Oh my god hahahaha!! Finally, people were allowed to go inside the venue. We got the seats on the 8th row (center part). While waiting, we were just talking and fangirling with each other. Haha. Then, I was shocked because I saw one of The Ready Set‘s LIV5 bodyguards! LOL.

When the clock is about to hit 7, I’m starting to feel the energy of the crowd. Then Joe’s bodyguard went to the stage and everybody started to scream! Haha. I thought Joe is the next to come out, but then it was the host first.  Just in time that Iza’s friend, Aurea, arrived, the host finally said, “JOE JONAS!!!” Then everybody screamed and I ran to the front!!!! Hahaha!! I wasn’t at the very front, I was like on the second row. Thank God the girls infront of me were not tall. But to be honest, I actually feel sorry for them because they’re tweens and they keep on getting pushed. They kept on looking me maybe because they’re getting hurt, but honestly I wasn’t pushing them, I was being pushed from behind, but still, sorry girls 😦 I got worried about Iza because we got separated from each other, but after a couple of minutes, I found out that we were just close to each other lol. Also, at first I didn’t know that the girl beside me who kept on talking to me was Aurea! Haha.

I can’t believe I was THAT close to Joe Jonas. I mean, he’s a Jonas, okay?! The barricade was not that far from the stage so we were really close. As in he touched the hand of the girl in front of me! So you can imagine all the pushing going on whenever he comes closer to the fans. I also think I kinda annoyed some people with my sign, sorry 😦

After Joe sang Love Slayer, Just In Love, and See No More, the fans were forced to go back to their seats. The interview then started. I find Joe really sweet because he kept on replying “I love you too” to the screaming fans. He also stared at Iza’s and my(?) sign. Haha. There was also a sign that Joe and the host couldn’t understand but it says something about stars lol. I’m also happy for the birthday girl who got noticed! Oh, and thank you to the girl with the “We waited 6 years for this!” sign! Now Joe knows! Haha. Another significant moment during the show was when Joe said, “MAHAL KAYO.” Lol the crowd kinda laughed then the host said, “You just told them they’re expensive.” then Joe quickly followed up with “Mahal ko kayo.” So funny & adorable!

After the interview, the meet & greet session was held. So cool that it was on stage, because we still get to see and breathe the same air as Joe, even though we don’t have M&G stubs.


Epic night. I had SO much fun. I can’t believe I got to see Joe Jonas. I had the same feeling I got when I saw Miley Cyrus last year. I pray that the Jonas Brothers will have a show here soon! And hopefully Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, and Allstar Weekend too! So much love for Disney peeps!

Thank you to everyone who made this event possible! And, thank you Lord for protecting me! 😀

Blog Title inspired by the song Burnin’ Up – by Jonas Brothers

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