I Love This Song, I’ve Heard It Before…

….and it stole my heart, I know every word. She’s gonna dance all night, night ’til it hurts, singing the best song ever, best song ever!

The wait is finally over!!!

A day before the release of the single Give Me Your Hand, AltPress posted the song on their website so that the excited fans can already hear it! (Click here for the stream)

For me, this is such an amazing song and it has the potential to get as huge as Love Like Woe. But to be honest, I kinda prefer the live version (performed at The 10! Show last month) over this studio version, mainly because I think the latter is a bit too auto-tuned. Idk, I mean, Jordan Witzigreuter has a wonderful voice – special effects need not be added to his vocals. But still, I really really love his new single, and I can’t wait for his upcoming album which is set to be released later this year. And hopefully, another world tour, pretty please? 🙂

Thank you AltPress for posting the song a day earlier from the release date!

Blog Title inspired by the song Give Me Your Hand – by The Ready Set


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