Remembering LIV5

I terribly miss The Ready Set – not just Jordan Witzigreuter, but also the entire crew: Andy, Deryck, Travis, Christian, and Charlie. (I’m still sad that I wasn’t even able to get near Andy, Travis, and Charlie; and I’m still a bit disappointed that Jason wasn’t there…Oh, and I wanted to meet Keegan and Swanson too but they are no longer part of the TRS crew)

I think this may be one of the worst cases of Post-Concert Depression. But I don’t know. Almost three months ago, The Ready Set was here in Manila for about a week for LIV5, a four-day concert, alongside The Summer Set, Forever The Sickest Kids, A Rocket To The Moon, and A+ Dropouts.

Everything was almost perfect back then. Everything. The Lord granted the desires of my heart. Yes. I prayed about being able to meet him at the hotel, being able to run to the front during The Ready Set (TriNoma show), being able to win a guitar pick war, and more. Everything happened exactly the way I prayed it. I still remember when I said:

Lord sana po makakuha ako ng “”pick”” yung tipong makikipag-agawan ako sa ibang fans… Lord sana po makakuha ako ng “”TRS pick”” kahit yung bilhin ko lang dun sa mga kuya… Lord sana po makatakbo ako sa harap kahit “”during TRS lang””… Lord sana “”katabi”” ko si Jordan sa picture… Lord sana po maging sobrang saya ng TriNoma show kasi last ko na po yun since di ako manonood sa Feb. 19… Lord sana po masaya yung crowd pero yung tipong hindi ako masasaktan… – and all those stuff.

What actually happened during the 18th? Well, I actually got an ARTTM guitar pick that was thrown to the crowd and I was able to “buy” a TRS pick from one of the kuyas, for P300. My Meet & Greet was in group of 4 but I was beside Jordy (I don’t know why I didn’t pray for it to be just the two of us.. and uhhh I really didn’t pray for a drumstick idk why also O_O). Then, I was in the very front during the set of The Ready Set then I gave way to the other fans afterwards. And, I didn’t get hurt by the crowd. Why? Because of my Papa. When we were having dinner after the show, he told me everything. When the crowd rushed to the front (when TRS came on; and that’s when I got to the front) my dad was right behind me and he shielded me (A friend told me she saw it happen). And when the ARTTM pick was thrown, I didn’t really had to fight for it because my dad blocked all the other girls, so I got it. And the crowd  was just basically awesome. There was no pushing in our section, only fun jumping and singing along. Amazing. Best fucking show ever. Full story here.

And also, remember when at first (I think this was in my head since the announcement) that I wanted to attend three shows? It happened… at the very last minute. Few days before the show, I got so fucked up with the tickets. I only got tickets for the third show. I was so hurt because I expected too much and I wanted it too much. At one point, I literally fell on my butt and just started crying (I was home alone so yea..). It was also my first time to cry to someone on the phone (Thanks, friend).


Yup, I have been missing the entire TRS crew, but especially Jordan (TRS himself). Almost everything just reminds me of TRS and LIV5. If you have been reading my previous blog posts, you will see that I keep on talking about both, even though the events happened back in February. Even though I am aware that lots of my friends also terribly miss LIV5, I’m not exactly sure if this is normal – I keep thinking about it…and I keep reliving ‘that’ moment everything I hear some of the songs played during the show…Idk anymore.

Call me fucking crazy or obsessed or even psycho, but I swear next time The Ready Set comes to Manila, there’s a big chance that I will check in at the hotel. I won’t let this fucking pass. Not even fucking giant bodyguards or shitty hotel security can stop this little fangirl. I need to meet everyone in TRS. Yes, “NEED”. I need to hug, talk, and take a photo with “each” one of them. I need to kiss Jordan on the cheek and get him sign my iPod (which I recently had a dream about, lol). Yup. I’m insanely in love with this band. I hope they really do come back. I have my hopes up. Why?

  • He said in his interview with The Gunz Show that Manila was his favorite in his international tour
  • He tweeted that he will make TRS in Indonesia happen (because he gets lots of tweets about it); and Indonesia is so close
  • The Maine and We The Kings (from LIV3, 2011) had and will have their second show this year, 2012.
  • Basically, The Ready Set needs to come back for their Filipino fans…and FOR ME.

I confess that I never stopped daydreaming about them since LIV5. Never. I always think about stuff like, what could have happened if I was able to get inside Starbucks, if I was alone, if I managed to get inside the hotel, and the like. Deep sigh. I need them back. Yes, need.

So.. uhhh… see you soon? Please? I love you. All of you.


And I die one day at a time
‘Cause I just cant seem to get you off my mind
No matter how I try, try to kill the time
Well I think that I’m just going crazy
One day at a time…

Blog Title inspired by the song Remembering Sunday – by All Time Low


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