Party, Fun, Love & We The Kings

Last Monday, I saw one of my top favorite bands, We The Kings, for the second time. One of the best concerts ever. Continue reading


I Love This Song, I’ve Heard It Before…

….and it stole my heart, I know every word. She’s gonna dance all night, night ’til it hurts, singing the best song ever, best song ever!

The wait is finally over!!!

A day before the release of the single Give Me Your Hand, AltPress posted the song on their website so that the excited fans can already hear it! (Click here for the stream)

For me, this is such an amazing song and it has the potential to get as huge as Love Like Woe. But to be honest, I kinda prefer the live version (performed at The 10! Show last month) over this studio version, mainly because I think the latter is a bit too auto-tuned. Idk, I mean, Jordan Witzigreuter has a wonderful voice – special effects need not be added to his vocals. But still, I really really love his new single, and I can’t wait for his upcoming album which is set to be released later this year. And hopefully, another world tour, pretty please? 🙂

Thank you AltPress for posting the song a day earlier from the release date!

Blog Title inspired by the song Give Me Your Hand – by The Ready Set

This Is The Best Song Ever

Last March, The Ready Set announced that he will be releasing a new single Give Me Your Hand soon. A day after, his band played the new single for the first time ever while on tour. A YouTube video was uploaded by a fan. The audio and video are not of a very high quality, still, the song captured my attention. As I scrolled down the web page, I saw lots of positive comments. People loved the song! As the news spread online, fans went crazy, making us eager to hear the studio version of the song.

On April 10, The Ready Set performed the new single on The 10! Show (as posted above). All I can say is… “This is the best song ever, best song ever!” Lol. But seriously, the song is amazing. It’s one of those few songs that you can’t stop listening to after hearing it for the first time. People are even saying that this song is gonna be as huge as Love Like Woe. I really hope it does! Can’t wait!

Blog Title inspired by the song Give Me Your Hand – by The Ready Set

Remembering LIV5

I terribly miss The Ready Set – not just Jordan Witzigreuter, but also the entire crew: Andy, Deryck, Travis, Christian, and Charlie. (I’m still sad that I wasn’t even able to get near Andy, Travis, and Charlie; and I’m still a bit disappointed that Jason wasn’t there…Oh, and I wanted to meet Keegan and Swanson too but they are no longer part of the TRS crew) Continue reading