I’ve Come Down With Love

Allstar Weekend is formerly known as ALLSTAR, consisting of four members:

Zach Porter – vocals
Cameron Quiseng– bass guitar [25% Filipino]
Michael Martinez – drums [100% Filipino]
Nathan Darmody – lead guitar & backup vocals (2008-2011)
Before you continue to read this article, you might want to watch this music video first. It’s the song/video that made me fall in love with this band, and the first one that I’ve heard/watched. It’s called Dance Forever.

Amazing, right?!

To give a short background: They were one of the finalists of Disney’s Next Big Thing. They lost despite being a fan favorite. Afterwards, they signed a contract with Hollywood Records. They released an EP Suddenly (June 2010) –  and two albums – Suddenly Yours (October 2010); All The Way (September 2011) under the said label. On January 2012, however, the band announced their departure from Hollywood Records. After a month, they released a new single called Wanna Dance With Somebody. Here is a funny lyric video showing the band members dancing with their fans:

Soooo, why am I writing this article?

Allstar Weekend is one of my “top” favorite bands (along with The Ready Set, Hot Chelle Rae, Metro Station, and We The Kings). In my opinion, they make amazing music. And based on their YouTube videos, I think they are really cool, fun, and down-to-earth dudes. However, being a former Disney act, I don’t think they were well-promoted, especially in Disney Channel Asia. They were on Disney Channel like twice – when they performed Come Down With Love on the Halloween Special of Sonny With A Chance and they were in one episode of Prankstars. 

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that this band is so underrated. But honestly, I’m not even sure if I am saying this because it’s the truth or just because I’m a butthurt fan. I mean, I do have some friends who also like them, but whenever I post something online that is related to this band, people rarely give a shit about it. The only thing that I’m sure of is that these guys have talent.

Together with Katty (one of my best fangirl friends), I established Allstar Weekend Philippines, in hopes of increasing their fanbase here in the country (Facebook, Twitter). My friend and I are no expert in running a street team, we are just dedicated fans, but we are trying our best. So far, we don’t have so much “likes” and followers, but, thank God, I see that we were able to turn some people into fans.

I don’t really listen to the radio so I don’t know if their songs are being played here. But what I do know is that their single Not Your Birthday (from their album All The Way; also featured in the soundtrack of Prom) is being played at some shops inside malls. Yay! ♥

(This is the movie version of the video; I think the original version is removed from YouTube)

Now Let’s talk about the Philippines.

By his looks, it is kinda obvious that Michael is Filipino. But I didn’t know that Cameron has Filipino blood until I saw this interesting article – Check it out! It’s worth reading! 🙂

Also, here’s an interview wherein they mentioned that Mikey and Cameron have Filipino blood, and that Zach had two Filipina girlfriends (in high school) and he eats lumpia! As he said, “I like the food and the ladies”. Eeeep ♥

Then at one point, prior to LIV5, Zach Porter and Brian Dales (The Summer Set) were tweeting each other, and then Brian mentioned that they’ll be having a show here in the Philippines. I wasn’t able to get a screen shot though or save the link. But I find it interesting that they talked about our country 🙂

Last but not the least! Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, The Weekend Show, starring Cameron Quiseng and Brent Schneider! Haha. What’s so special in this video? Eh, nothing much, except that they made a joke about the Philippines! What was the joke? Well, we all know that Michael is Filipino, right? At first, they mentioned (as a joke though) that Michael is not in this video because he’s in the Philippines. In the later part (around 10 minutes I think?), they made a joke that it’s gonna be hard to reach Michael because there are no cellphones and no electricity in the Philippines. HAHAHAHAHA.

I am aware that Allstar Weekend is not that popular here in the Philippines, but I am hoping that they’ll be here soon. Who knows? Maybe they could be a part of MMI’s future LIV# shows? Or maybe they could open up for Demi Lovato or Selena Gomez when they come here? I really don’t want to expect but as much as possible I want to stay positive. Plus, they really need  to come here because, as mentioned in the posted article: “Both haven’t been to the Philippines but are excited to visit in the future to see where their families are originally from.”

I hope they come here soon!

P.S. Don’t forget to like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter! 😉

Blog Title inspired by the song Come Down With Love – by Allstar Weekend

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