Come Back To Me Tonight

I came across this interview of The Gunz Show with The Ready Set. I saw someone post it on one of my Facebook groups, and he said that Manila was mentioned, so I got interested, and clicked it. Here’s the link.

OH MY GOD. I totally freaked out. Starting at around 2:00 of the interview—

Gunz: “Did anything crazy happen overseas in like, Australia or any of that stuff, man?” 

Jordan: “I think my favorite place we’ve played in, is probably in Manila, in the Philippines. ‘Cause everything is just, so like…It’s just so incredibly different over there. It’s like the craziest culture shock over there, ever. They’re just amazing. Like, people…like, kids they will just wait outside and inside the hotel all day and all night, just to see like…whoever is from one of the bands and stuff. It’s amazing.”

Gunz: “Did you have uh, people at the airplane or at the airport or anything? When you got off?”

Jordan: “Yeahhh. It’s interesting.” 

Gunz: “How does that happen? I wonder how all these kids know where and when? Like, what’s going on?!”

Jordan: “Yeahhh…I don’t know…it’s, it’s….somebody’s just giving out info. I don’t know who it is but, it’s awesome. It’s like, the coolest thing in the world. Um, I was wondering the same thing. How do you possibly know what flight we’re on.”

Gunz: “Right, right, yeah, and it’s not like they’re just waiting for anybody. Like they specifically know like, like….’Okay All Time Low’s on this flight, so we’ll have like, All Time Low posters for em…or like you know, The Ready Set.’ like, what the fuck?”

Jordan: “It’s crazy. It’s like…it’s awesome. It’s one of the most flattering things of all time.”

I was VERY shocked and happy by what I just heard. Jordan actually said that Manila was his favorite?! It was very surprising for me because I thought Brazilwas his favorite (based on his tweets). This interview proved me wrong. And the fact that he mentioned how he was “amazed” (as he tweeted back in February) at “us” who waited outside the hotel. Aaawwwww ♥ Yes I was one of them (I’m the one wearing pink/white  in the photo) and it was my first time to go to a hotel for a band. (I’m still bitter because of the rude guards).

But what puzzled me a bit is about the airport thingy. I didn’t hear any news about anyone who waited at the airport, so I’ll assume at that part he was talking about Brazil (based on his tweets again).

I’m a happy Filipino TRS fan 🙂

Blog Title inspired by the song The Ghost of Los Angeles – by The Ready Set


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