It’s Not Goodbye, It’s BRB

My family left La Union at around 3pm. After 4 long hours, we’re still in Tarlac. TRAFFIC ugh. So we decided to stop by Isdaan, The Halfway to the North Floating Restaurant at Gerona, Tarlac to have our dinner.

I didn’t know what to expect. I’ve never been to that place and all I know is it’s the restaurant with the wall that you hit with plates.

I was so surprised when we arrived. This place is A+++

It’s so huge and fab. I really love the decorations and the statues.

The food is quite pricey but it’s fine ’cause it’s so damn delicious and the servings are huge.

Oh, and the entertainers are amazing. There were 3 musicians who would stop by the huts to play some songs.

And on the other side of this place, there were singing and dancing waiters/waitresses, with a band backing them up. Then there were also these people wearing Ifugao costumes and there was a contortionist.

This place is just awesome. The only flaw was the “reservation” thing. Most of the customers (including us) are first-timers (They probably stopped by also because of the traffic. I observed that most of them are travelers) and it wasn’t really clear how the system goes. But overall, this place is amazing.

Also, we stopped by the Tacsiyapo Wall. I know it’s kind of a waste of money but I think this experience would be incomplete without trying it.

I aimed at “Professor” but I ended up hitting”Intrigera/Tsismosa”. I didn’t hit anything in my other attempts. Haha.

After that, we went around the place before hitting the road again.

We arrived at Manila at 2am. Lol. I would love to go back to this place!

Blog Title inspired by the song It’s Not Goodbye, It’s BRB – by We Are The In Crowd


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