Growing Up Won’t Bring Us Down

After swimming with my dad, nieces, and nephews during our last night in La Union, my niece and I went to the restaurant to have some dessert. She had halo-halo and I had mais con hielo (Oreo Sundae is no longer available). There was just the two of us, but sometimes her little brother stops by for a few seconds. Lol. We talked and talked about a lot of things – life in school, boys, our childhood days, family issues, the future, and many more.

Years ago, my family spent almost the entire summer in La Union. Everyone was happy and getting along with each other. My family plus my cousins’ families all together in one mini subdivision. Good times. I remember how we went to the grocery store (Fiesta), plaza, computer shops (Master’s and their delicious french fries + the ketchup/mayo, and other shops), and of course, who can forget about Long Beach Resort? It was once so beautiful, but now it’s so old and the atmosphere is so…different?

And now, what’s left? I don’t know anymore.

Everybody grew up. A lot of my cousins now have families of their own, and so they already moved away. Then, there came the shitty issues. Ugh.

She also mentioned how we were so happy as kids. Like, we just play and stuff. Now that we’re getting older, we’re starting to have more and more responsibilities, and it’s not that fun anymore. It’s so true. Everything was like so easy when we were kids. But now, well, so much schoolwork, issues with families & friends, and some shizz. We only have a few years left ’til we get a job and work. Awww 😦 But as I’ve heard, if you love what you do, it’s not work at all. So we have to be careful about the road we choose. For me, all I want is to establish my own business, and probably produce some concerts also in the future. I hope and I pray that I’ll still have a good life as I get older. I mean, that I won’t be sad or get bored or anything. I remember once, before I sleep (There are moments when I reflect about my life when I’m in bed), I was like “WTF I’m already 18?!?! One more year and I’m no longer a teenager!!!” Seriously I don’t feel like 18. I feel like I’m still a kid. And I’m not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. But oh well.

Anyway, my niece and I were reminiscing, and I started to lose hope again. But then, she added, when she grows up, she wants to fix our mini subdivision, and that she wants our future kids to experience what we did before. I was surprised when she said that. I also felt some sort of happiness upon hearing those words. That’s a really wonderful idea and I never thought she would have that on her mind. Then I told myself, if she goes for it, I would definitely team up with her.

There is always hope.

Blog Title inspired by the song Growing Up – by The Maine


“Life isn’t as easy as when we were kids, but it doesn’t mean we can’t survive and compete!” -@TheLoveStories


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