Life Of The Party

My Baguio Experience (April 1 – 4)

I think this is our family’s shortest stay in Baguio but it is definitely one of the most fun for me. I’m really not sure why but maybe it’s because we were out most of the time.

April 1

The first thing my family did when we arrived in Baguio was to visit the cemetery where my grandmother and my uncle were buried. I was surprised to see that there were lots of flowers. I mean, it’s not even October or November. Then I told my parents about it. My dad responded with, “Dun kas sa ‘tin, ninanakaw. Dito hindi.” I think he was right. I will no longer elaborate

After checking in at Hotel Veniz (because our reservation for the Meralco Staff House starts on the April 3) and having lunch, we did a little shopping. I found TONS of JAWDROPPING clothes and some really cool shoes, but NONE of them actually fit me. I’ll probably take it as God telling His child to quit shopping for she has spent so much lately, or to save money for future concerts. Lol J)

April 2

So many things happened today. We started the day by having breakfast (or brunch) at the hotel. Then we went to Camp John Hay. We went to his part which I think is kinda new. That place had lots of flowers so we decided to take photos.

Then we went to like the “main” part or something, the one that has some shops and some restaurants. We always go there. While walking, I saw a guy wearing a Nick Automatic shirt. I have one with the same design, and I got it as a freebie during Mayday Parade’s concert last July. I can’t help but assume that this guy went to the same concert. When I told my dad about it, he said he saw the guy looking at my Forever The Sickest Kids shirt. He must be a fanboy from Manila. Lol.

Then we went to SM to have lunch and just kill time. When I checked my phone, I have messages from Alex, one of my online friends who I haven’t personally met yet. I am very surprised by what she sent. The first message says that there’s this guy on twitter who’s giving away his The Ready Set guitar pick and he’s looking for the biggest fan out there. The next message says that he’s going to give it to me! I was shocked ‘cause I did nothing but then I’m gonna get a TRS pick. I was out and I didn’t have internet connection that time, so I just told Alex to tell the guy to give it to someone else ‘cause I already have one (I got it from LIV5 TriNoma), Then I thanked her because she made an effort to inform me about it. During that moment, I thought she told this guy that I’m like the biggest TRS fan, but then she told me that it’s based on the amount of Twitter mentions. Once again I was shocked. It means that my friends tweeted this guy about me, without me having to tell them to do it for me. I was so touched by this. And there were also strangers who helped me. So I’m really thankful. And also, I felt so thrilled as being named as the biggest TRS fan (at least in that situation). I know that it’s just some amount of tweets but I really appreciate what they did for me.

At 4pm, I met up with Mariel, an online friend who I met on Twitter. This is the first time that I met her. Actually we didn’t know what to do inside the mall. But then we decided to hangout at Starbucks. We ordered some drinks and we talked for ours about bands, concerts, and the like. We didn’t notice that we’ve been talking for like three hours. There were few moments of short awkward silence but it was fine because our kwentuhan is just so fun. I know it’s just the first time that we met each other but I feel close to her already. Once again, music brought people together.

When we got back to the staff house at night, something just happened online. I will not write it in detail. But if you are reading this post, I want you to be careful with the things you post online, especially in Facebook. That’s all.

For the next 2 days, my family and I were all about just eating and shopping 🙂

Blog Title inspired by the song Life Of The Party – by Forever The Sickest Kids

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