Bye Bye Beautiful

On April 4 (mom’s birthday) we went down from Baguio to La Union. We had a reservation at South China Sea Resort so we stopped there for a while before visiting our relatives. When I walked farther to take a look at the shore, here’s what I saw..

THE SAND WAS MURDERED. My dad asked the lady at the counter if it’s just high tide that’s why there’s no sand, but then the lady said it’s really like that, but there used to be sand back then. I was kinda disappointed. I don’t really like swimming in the sea (though I used to when I was a kid) because of this fear that I developed few years ago that there might be something under the water. But one of my hobbies ever since I was a kid was collecting sea shells. Sadly, I don’t know where most of my shells are right now, and some have been already used for school projects.

I can’t help but reminisce about how my family used to stroll by the shore, how we were making sandcastles, digging the sand, running after crablets, burying body parts in the sand, making sand balls, and more. I remember years ago, I found this article on the internet which says something like “Bauang, La Union” is one of the places that will first sink in the Philippines due to the rising sea levels. I think this just proves it. But I’m praying that it will take VERY long before it happens, since I have relatives at San Fernando, La Union.

Blog Title inspired by the song Bye Bye Beautiful – by Nightwish


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