I’m Free To Shop ‘Til I Drop (Almost)

SM Mall of Asia Summer Sale!

Through twitter, I’ve learned that there will be a Summer Sale at SM Mall of Asia on March 30 to April 1. I asked my mom if we can go on the 30th (Friday) and she said yes. Personally, I just wanna go out after this very stressful week full of deadlines. March 30 is kind of the last day of my so-called “hell week” although I still have one more group paper due the following week and I still have exams after the holy week. I’m always itching to go out after hell week, probably because I want some fun or I want to reward myself for all the hard work I’ve done.

After my last class on the 30th, my mom and I went to MOA. So we went to different shops. Then, on our way out from Bayo (I think) I came across two smiling pretty young girls. Their attentions were on the clothes inside the shop and they look so happy and excited. Behind them was an old man (not so old though), also happy and smiling. I assume that the two girls are sisters and the man is their father. Yes, I know, I just saw 3 happy people. But that sight really struck me. It’s like I was infected with that happiness. And, I don’t know, perhaps there’s something about it? As I walk to the next shops, I was still thinking about what I just saw.

Then we stopped by Kamiseta. Every item is on sale, most (if not all) are 50% off, and there are lots of Extra Small stuff! Heaven. Their clothes are just so beautiful. And while shopping, The Ready Set’s “Love Like Woe” suddenly played! I freaked out! I wanted to scream and fangirl, but then I’m inside a shop with lots of people. I rushed to my mom and I think I squeezed her or something. Then I continued shopping while happily singing along. Yup I feel happy when I suddenly hear my favorite songs inside malls, especially when the bands are not mainstream, like The Ready Set and Allstar Weekend. Anyway, I wanted a lot of clothes but I only bought two, a layered sleeveless top and a purple pencil skirt. I’m not the type to buy almost everything. I control myself.

We went to the Department Store afterwards. Of course I stopped by my favorite shop, Candie’s. I was a bit shocked to see that 2 of my pink Candie’s dresses are now on sale. The first one, I wore it to the debut of two of my closest girl friends. And the other one, I wore it on my actually 18th birthday and when I met Jordan Witzigreuter (and the TRS crew) and Austin Bello. Then I ended up buying a pink floral top. And that’s all I bought – two tops and a skirt.

I actually won a Body Shop gift pack from MOA’s twitter promo. All I had to do was retweet them and tweet about the sale. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to claim it. I wasn’t 100% sure how to claim it at first. I know that we were supposed to go to the admin office, but it’s late already so I don’t know if it’s still open. Plus, the winners weren’t asked for any information such as full names. We were supposed to go back to the mall the following day to watch a movie, but we weren’t able to do so because we were preparing and packing for our short vacation.

Blog Title inspired by the song What Time Is It? – High School Musical 2 Soundtrack

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