Everything’s Gonna Be Okay, It’s Gonna Be A Good Day

So we were asked to form groups of 5 for our final paper for FINMAN1. My group consisted of Pat, Janina, Shannon, Darlene, and I. Pat is one of my college best friends. Even though I met her just last term, we’ve grown pretty close with each other because we always hangout and had lunch together (if there are no conflicts in the schedule), plus, just like me, she’s a fan girl. Janina and Shannon are my blockmates. Darlene was my classmate a year ago (ACTBAS2) but this term is actually the first time that I talked to her.

Anyway, our task was to find a listed medium-sized company (Total Assets of 100M-500M pesos). We had a really hard time finding such. Most of the companies we found have total assets worth billions. There were times when we thought we already found one, but then we realized that the amounts are in dollars, on in thousand pesos. In the end, we settled for this company called Basic Energy Corporation.

This company is such a headache. Why? Because they keep on buying and selling firms and then changing the primary purposes and the par value and the like of their company. At first, I really couldn’t understand the background of the company. I just completely understood it when I asked my father to explain it to me.

For the paper, we were asked to explain the background, aspects of operations, five-year financial ratios, comparative ratios (for the peer industry or its nearest competitor), cash budget, and our group’s recommendations.

There were moments that I got pissed with my groupmates because I kinda felt like they weren’t cooperating or that they weren’t taking our paper seriously, or the like. But in the end, we were able to work things out.

However, I worried too much for this paper. Why? Well, I’ve mentioned that in the recent years, the company has been changing a lot. Therefore, there were lots of missing information in most of their financial statements. As a result, several of our financial ratios were N/A. When we chose this company, we didn’t know that they lack some information that our group needs. We badly want to change it but then we don’t have any more time, so we didn’t change it. I was so damn worried, like, “What if Sir doesn’t accept our paper because of all these N/A’s?” “What if he gets mad?” ”Oh, our comparative ratios are somehow incomplete, what should we do?”  and stuff like that. I was seriously freaking out.

But then there was Pat. She’s heaven sent. There was a time that I was freaking out because none of my groupmates were replying, but then she replied and it’s so positive and has lots of smileys. I swear I felt so good after reading that text message. After that, I kept on texting her every time I was freaking out. Her replies just make me feel so good. Especially when she said, “I think it’s okay, as long as we are able to defend those N/A’s well during our presentation” “Bakit? Ang ganda kaya ng paper natin!” and the like. Ohhh Thank God she’s my groupmate. Also I can never forget how I stayed up until like 6:30AM for our paper because we were still checking things and adding some recommendations and stuff, and how we made Google Docs a chatbox! HAHAHA. That was epic. That day was the submission of our paper, and our class is at 9:40AM so we barely slept. Then during the submission, our professor got mad because the first group who submitted didn’t have a folder. I rushed to our school bookstore to buy one. That incident got me quite scared again for our presentation.

The day of the presentation came. Once again I slept in the morning because I was also working on some papers for my other subjects. Before I sleep, I always pray. And for a week, I have always been praying for our presentation. Thank God our group is scheduled to present on the first day (one of three groups), so I didn’t have to worry for too long. We were the last to present. Even while the others are presenting, I was uneasy and I was holding my rosary and praying. I don’t know why but I’m really scared. But obviously, Sir wants the groups to present as fast as they can so that every group assigned today can finish.

Our group finally went in front. I explained the background. Darlene was supposed to report the aspects of operations but then Sir told us to skip that part. Then Shannon explained the five-year financial ratios. My heart skipped when the slide was shown to the class. Thank God Sir didn’t react negatively or something. And since we were kind of in a hurry, Sir told Shannon to just focus on the 2010 ratios, since the 2006, 2007, and 2009 ratios were mostly N/A. Then on the 2010 ratios which I worked on, there were abnormal amounts, and again Thank God that I was able to explain it well when Sir asked. Again, he asked to just skip the comparative ratios, and then for the cash budget and recommendations, Pat owned the floor. But then there were some problems with it so we joined her on the center and helped each other. In the end, our presentation was successful! OH YEAHHHHH! We were all so happy that it’s FINALLY done.

And I just wanna say that I’m so proud of how I edited our PowerPoint Presentation. It looks so good! Haha. Since the background of the company is quite complicated, I made diagrams so it would be easier to understand. And I really like the design I used. LOL. Oh, and my groupmates and I were also so cute. I mean our corporate outfits are so cool especially the colors! I was wearing hot pink, Pat was wearing white but with a royal blue cardigan, Shannon was wearing a red-orange-ish top, and Darlene was wearing teal. Janina was absent. Pat and I were the last to leave the classroom because she still had to talk to Sir for a while. When we were out, we were jumping outside! Lol.

I learned an important lesson. Don’t worry too much about things and never take things too seriously. Everything will be fine. Thank you Lord.


Blog Title inspired by the song Intuition – by Selena Gomez & The Scene


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