This Feeling’s Like No Other

Today was awesome.

My first class is starts at 11:20. As I was just walking  upstairs on the way to my room, I saw Ms. Rabo [One of my top favorite professors ever! She was my professor in ACTBAS2 (Accounting for Merchandising Business). I love her teaching style. I was never bored during class and I did all of my homework in advance. I also got high grades! She is such an inspiration and I just freaking love her!] on her way upstairs too so I waited for her. I was so happy to see her, it’s been a while since the last time. I waved and said hi with a smiling face and she did the same. And then she asked how I was doing with ENTCOST (Cost Accounting for Entrepreneurs) and stuff like that. But the biggest surprise is when she actually said… “Mukhang nag-enjoy ka sa concert ah.” She probably saw my Facebook posts about LIV5. I was really surprised! And to think that it came from my favorite professor omg. Then I was like yes :)) Then she said, “Kumusta pag-aaral? Baka puro concert ka nalang ah” or something like that BUT in a nice way. And I was like, “Hindi naman po, balance lang.” And she was like “Ahh” 🙂 and then we parted ways. It was so cooooool!

Not much to say about my first class. During my next class, I took this critical quiz. Critical because I need a high grade, and the coverage was 5 freaking chapters! I did my best to study as much as I can. But then the quiz was a 20-item multiple choice test. I got 16 and I guess it’s fine. The score is times 5, over 100.

Another great thing happened during my last class. That time, I was starting to get a headache (and I did when the class was about to end) because I was sleepy (I studied almost the whole night) and I was forcing myself to stay awake. Yup, I get headaches whenever I do that. Thank God our topic for today is not that hard and we didn’t solve much exercises. After the lecture, our quizzes were returned to us. Our professor always returns the papers of the top scorers first. Papers will be given back in random order afterwards. I was shocked when Jerome (my blockmate; seatmate in this and the previous class) and I weren’t called first. I was like, “Jeromeeeee, nasan na yung paper natinnnn?” After distributing quite a number of papers, our prof was like, “Ay, ito pala si Jerome 61/60”. It gave me hope. Lol. And finally I was called! And then, sir was like, “Ay si Thea pala ang highest, 66/60” OMG HIGHEST. And then my classmates were like, “66?!” Not that I’m bragging but to be honest, I was kinda confident about it. And it’s so cool because so far the overall total points for our quizzes is 240, and my score is 243. AHH this feels amazing. The last time I was getting this kind of scores was back in ACTBAS2.

I also would like to add that I am happy for one of my classmates, Hanna, although we never spoke to each other. She used to get very low scores, but this time, she got 63/60! Yay for her! Then, Sir told her to tell the class her story. This is what she said (not 100% exact tho): Nung una, puro bagsak ako. As in parang 40% lang yata sa first two quizzes. Tapos nagdasal ako. Ginawa kong Bibliya yung book. Sinagutan ko lahat ng exercises. I was touched by this story. Dasal at tiyaga 🙂

Blog Title inspired by the song – What I’ve Been Looking For (by Ashley Tisdale & Lucas Grabeel; High School Musical OST)


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