Bounce Back

Just a day after Smash Project, I went to the Smart Araneta Coliseum again for another concert. It’s actually my second time to attend consecutive concerts. But this time it’s different because it’s two consecutive school days (Thursday & Friday to be specific).

Last night, I got home very late. Probably around 1am then I still need to eat and take a shower. I was so exhausted that no matter what I do, I really couldn’t finish this “last minute” homework. And by that, I meant, our class representative just texted us last night at around 8-9pm. Had our prof told us about that assignment earlier, I would have done it before going to the show. But no, during our previous meeting, our prof said we don’t have to pass any paper, we just have to watch the movie. Yes I’m still bitter.

I went to school today still feeling a bit weak and tired. I actually regret attending “that” class. I thought our prof was gonna check attendance but I was wrong. I forgot that for this term I am entitled to “unlimited absences”. I should have just given my USB to my groupmate. ANYWAY…

Here goes my last class (2:40-4:10pm). I was sooo sleepy that I keep yawning and I was teary-eyed. My classmates actually thought I was crying or something. And I was just not in the mood for anything, especially even after what happened during my previous class. Ugh. But anyway, I survived my last class, which is actually my favorite this term. After that I went home to eat and prepare. I’m glad I didn’t have to hurry because the show starts at 8pm (although the venue is far) and I’m sure it will be delayed.

I met up with Katty, one of my fangirl best friends, at school so that we’ll ride the cab together going to the venue. I was supposed to watch this show with my dad (because I couldn’t find any friend who would buy my extra ticket) but then my dad is busy, so I just willingly gave my extra ticket to Katty. It was really traffic but I enjoyed the ride because of our kwentuhan about Allstar Weekend, one of our top favorite bands. Actually, both of us are the admin of Allstar Weekend Philippines 🙂

I think we arrived at the venue at around 7pm. I was really shocked that there were still very few people. And no one, as in no one, is checking tickets at the doors. While waiting, we took photos outside and then bought food and drinks. As expected, the show started late. Lol.

The Madrigal Siblings (from Pilipinas Got Talent) opened the show by performing around 3-4 songs. Katty and I are seated on the third row (left most) of Lower Box (second right from the center).

Charice finally showed up with her band. To be honest, I dislike her new hair. I greatly prefer the black long hair that she had. Thinking to myself, I was like, “Kung kalian kita panonoorin saka ka nagpaganyan ng hairrr.” But it’s fine though, I mean there’s nothing I can do about it plus it’s HER hair sooo yeah. Most of the songs that she sang were covers and slow songs, so Katty and I remained on our seats. When she started singing her own songs (the ones which are not slow), Katty and I hopped to the first row. Hahaha. Then we started to get crazy, especially when she sang One Day and In Love So Deep. To be honest, the crowd tonight is the most boring ever. I think it’s because most of them are sponsors.

But then there was Iyaz.

The crowd was lively during his set. After that, four special guests took the stage. I think all of them were finalists of Little Big Star. And of course, this includes Sam Concepcion. The others were Makisig, Gian (which happens to be my schoolmate right now), and Kyle/Karl? Lol I’m sorry I don’t know. They performed Moves Like Jagger along with Charice. I wasn’t able to take any photos because I was too busy screaming for Sam. Hahaha.

Charice went on to continue the show. She was really good. I love her voice and her dance moves. But then, I was greatly disappointed by the setlist. I prefer her OWN songs. I will no longer elaborate.

She ended the show with Louder, one of my favorite songs ever. And then when she went backstage, the band kept on playing so it’s like a dance party. But a lot of people were already starting to leave. Then I thought, oh yeah I think it’s a lot better if concerts were ended with a dance party or something like that. Then surprisingly, Charice went back on stage and sang I Will Always Love You. Then the show is really over.

Even though I was disappointed, overall I enjoyed the show. I didn’t regret buying Lower Box tickets to see her. I’ve been a fan since I first heard Pyramid and I’ve wanted to see her since then. So I’m really glad and thankful that I had the opportunity to see her and hear her voice.

Blog Title inspired by the song Bounce Back – by Charice


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