I’m Free To Shop ‘Til I Drop (Almost)

SM Mall of Asia Summer Sale!

Through twitter, I’ve learned that there will be a Summer Sale at SM Mall of Asia on March 30 to April 1. I asked my mom if we can go on the 30th (Friday) and she said yes. Personally, I just wanna go out after this very stressful week full of deadlines. March 30 is kind of the last day of my so-called “hell week” although I still have one more group paper due the following week and I still have exams after the holy week. I’m always itching to go out after hell week, probably because I want some fun or I want to reward myself for all the hard work I’ve done. Continue reading


Everything’s Gonna Be Okay, It’s Gonna Be A Good Day

So we were asked to form groups of 5 for our final paper for FINMAN1. My group consisted of Pat, Janina, Shannon, Darlene, and I. Pat is one of my college best friends. Even though I met her just last term, we’ve grown pretty close with each other because we always hangout and had lunch together (if there are no conflicts in the schedule), plus, just like me, she’s a fan girl. Janina and Shannon are my blockmates. Darlene was my classmate a year ago (ACTBAS2) but this term is actually the first time that I talked to her.

Anyway, our task was to find a listed medium-sized company (Total Assets of 100M-500M pesos). We had a really hard time finding such. Most of the companies we found have total assets worth billions. There were times when we thought we already found one, but then we realized that the amounts are in dollars, on in thousand pesos. In the end, we settled for this company called Basic Energy Corporation.

This company is such a headache. Why? Because they keep on buying and selling firms and then changing the primary purposes and the par value and the like of their company. At first, I really couldn’t understand the background of the company. I just completely understood it when I asked my father to explain it to me.

For the paper, we were asked to explain the background, aspects of operations, five-year financial ratios, comparative ratios (for the peer industry or its nearest competitor), cash budget, and our group’s recommendations.

There were moments that I got pissed with my groupmates because I kinda felt like they weren’t cooperating or that they weren’t taking our paper seriously, or the like. But in the end, we were able to work things out.

However, I worried too much for this paper. Why? Well, I’ve mentioned that in the recent years, the company has been changing a lot. Therefore, there were lots of missing information in most of their financial statements. As a result, several of our financial ratios were N/A. When we chose this company, we didn’t know that they lack some information that our group needs. We badly want to change it but then we don’t have any more time, so we didn’t change it. I was so damn worried, like, “What if Sir doesn’t accept our paper because of all these N/A’s?” “What if he gets mad?” ”Oh, our comparative ratios are somehow incomplete, what should we do?”  and stuff like that. I was seriously freaking out.

But then there was Pat. She’s heaven sent. There was a time that I was freaking out because none of my groupmates were replying, but then she replied and it’s so positive and has lots of smileys. I swear I felt so good after reading that text message. After that, I kept on texting her every time I was freaking out. Her replies just make me feel so good. Especially when she said, “I think it’s okay, as long as we are able to defend those N/A’s well during our presentation” “Bakit? Ang ganda kaya ng paper natin!” and the like. Ohhh Thank God she’s my groupmate. Also I can never forget how I stayed up until like 6:30AM for our paper because we were still checking things and adding some recommendations and stuff, and how we made Google Docs a chatbox! HAHAHA. That was epic. That day was the submission of our paper, and our class is at 9:40AM so we barely slept. Then during the submission, our professor got mad because the first group who submitted didn’t have a folder. I rushed to our school bookstore to buy one. That incident got me quite scared again for our presentation.

The day of the presentation came. Once again I slept in the morning because I was also working on some papers for my other subjects. Before I sleep, I always pray. And for a week, I have always been praying for our presentation. Thank God our group is scheduled to present on the first day (one of three groups), so I didn’t have to worry for too long. We were the last to present. Even while the others are presenting, I was uneasy and I was holding my rosary and praying. I don’t know why but I’m really scared. But obviously, Sir wants the groups to present as fast as they can so that every group assigned today can finish.

Our group finally went in front. I explained the background. Darlene was supposed to report the aspects of operations but then Sir told us to skip that part. Then Shannon explained the five-year financial ratios. My heart skipped when the slide was shown to the class. Thank God Sir didn’t react negatively or something. And since we were kind of in a hurry, Sir told Shannon to just focus on the 2010 ratios, since the 2006, 2007, and 2009 ratios were mostly N/A. Then on the 2010 ratios which I worked on, there were abnormal amounts, and again Thank God that I was able to explain it well when Sir asked. Again, he asked to just skip the comparative ratios, and then for the cash budget and recommendations, Pat owned the floor. But then there were some problems with it so we joined her on the center and helped each other. In the end, our presentation was successful! OH YEAHHHHH! We were all so happy that it’s FINALLY done.

And I just wanna say that I’m so proud of how I edited our PowerPoint Presentation. It looks so good! Haha. Since the background of the company is quite complicated, I made diagrams so it would be easier to understand. And I really like the design I used. LOL. Oh, and my groupmates and I were also so cute. I mean our corporate outfits are so cool especially the colors! I was wearing hot pink, Pat was wearing white but with a royal blue cardigan, Shannon was wearing a red-orange-ish top, and Darlene was wearing teal. Janina was absent. Pat and I were the last to leave the classroom because she still had to talk to Sir for a while. When we were out, we were jumping outside! Lol.

I learned an important lesson. Don’t worry too much about things and never take things too seriously. Everything will be fine. Thank you Lord.


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Swedish Band Got Me Fallin’ In Love

Last March 19, Monday, at around 2am, I took a quick break from studying. I checked my Facebook. On my news feed, I saw a YouTube link – a cover of Usher’s “DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love” by Her Bright Skies. Thinking that it might be a rad version just like most of the songs in the Punk Goes… series, I didn’t hesitate to click it. My reaction after just a few seconds of the video: OH MY GOD!!!

(Note: This is the new link because the previous one was deleted)

THIS VERSION IS JUST FREAKIN AMAZING. I don’t remember how many times I clicked the replay button. I think I broke it. Loljk. But seriously, I just couldn’t stop watching it. I just stopped when I realized that I need to finish what I was doing and get some sleep because I still have class at 9:40am.

I always go home after lunch (around 12noon-1pm) because my next class starts at 2:40pm. And guess what was the first thing I did? I turned on my laptop and watched the same music video like n times. Haha. I just can’t get enough of it. I mean, their version is just A+ and every single band member is actually handsome! I think it’s kind of a rare thing because usually there’s only like 1 or 2 band members who stand out in terms of facial features. But this band… Oh gosh. Every single one of them is just so attractive.  And I would just like to say that the bassist somehow reminded me of Christofer Drew and Trace Cyrus. Lol.

After a while, I tried to research on the band’s other songs through YouTube. To be honest, their music (or at least the few songs I’ve heard so far) is a bit hardcore for me. Just a little bit. But then, I wanted to give this band a chance because I’m already in love with their cover, plus I’m kinda attracted to the band dudes, so yeah. Haha. I can’t believe I actually tried open up my ears. I mean, if we are talking about just a regular band, I would have stopped listening to the song after like a minute or less. I did NOT do the same for this band. I haven’t absorbed their music YET but I’m getting there. Don’t call me a ~fake~ fan because I’m just starting.

Another significant thing about my discovery about this band is that they actually eased this weird kind of pain that I was feeling. Remember the best concert ever from last month, LIV5? Yes, I am definitely not yet over it. But I’m not talking about the entire LIV5 though. I’m talking about how I saw and met The Ready Set. I don’t know. I feel some kind of a mixture of happiness and sadness like whenever I see photos of Jordan or see his tweets or something. I thank God for making it possible for me to meet him and see the rest of the crew. But most of the time I just can’t help but daydream about what could have been a perfect encounter with them when they were here in Manila. Hmm. I’m sure this is not Post-Concert Depression, rather something similar. But then when I discovered Her Bright Skies, I was like OMG I think this is gonna be my new favorite band, and then, I don’t know why but 95% of that pain was gone. Call me crazy or weird or whatever, but the band and their music actually cured me. I totally didn’t expect this. I’m really thankful to Future Idiots for sharing that video on Facebook and of course with the band Her Bright Skies.

And btw, just a while ago, I tried to watch their other music videos again. Guess what? I’m starting to like their other songs for real! And then after a while, I checked out their other songs from their new EP DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love.  The first track was their cover which is my new favorite song. The rest of the tracks are acoustic. Track 2 is titled Sold Our Souls (to Rock & Roll).  EARGASM. This song is amazing. I shall continue to listen to their other songs in a while.

Sorry The Ready Set, I still love you but I really have to change my wallpaper now.

Blog Title inspired by the song DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love – Usher

This Feeling’s Like No Other

Today was awesome.

My first class is starts at 11:20. As I was just walking  upstairs on the way to my room, I saw Ms. Rabo [One of my top favorite professors ever! She was my professor in ACTBAS2 (Accounting for Merchandising Business). I love her teaching style. I was never bored during class and I did all of my homework in advance. I also got high grades! She is such an inspiration and I just freaking love her!] on her way upstairs too so I waited for her. I was so happy to see her, it’s been a while since the last time. I waved and said hi with a smiling face and she did the same. And then she asked how I was doing with ENTCOST (Cost Accounting for Entrepreneurs) and stuff like that. But the biggest surprise is when she actually said… “Mukhang nag-enjoy ka sa concert ah.” She probably saw my Facebook posts about LIV5. I was really surprised! And to think that it came from my favorite professor omg. Then I was like yes :)) Then she said, “Kumusta pag-aaral? Baka puro concert ka nalang ah” or something like that BUT in a nice way. And I was like, “Hindi naman po, balance lang.” And she was like “Ahh” 🙂 and then we parted ways. It was so cooooool!

Not much to say about my first class. During my next class, I took this critical quiz. Critical because I need a high grade, and the coverage was 5 freaking chapters! I did my best to study as much as I can. But then the quiz was a 20-item multiple choice test. I got 16 and I guess it’s fine. The score is times 5, over 100.

Another great thing happened during my last class. That time, I was starting to get a headache (and I did when the class was about to end) because I was sleepy (I studied almost the whole night) and I was forcing myself to stay awake. Yup, I get headaches whenever I do that. Thank God our topic for today is not that hard and we didn’t solve much exercises. After the lecture, our quizzes were returned to us. Our professor always returns the papers of the top scorers first. Papers will be given back in random order afterwards. I was shocked when Jerome (my blockmate; seatmate in this and the previous class) and I weren’t called first. I was like, “Jeromeeeee, nasan na yung paper natinnnn?” After distributing quite a number of papers, our prof was like, “Ay, ito pala si Jerome 61/60”. It gave me hope. Lol. And finally I was called! And then, sir was like, “Ay si Thea pala ang highest, 66/60” OMG HIGHEST. And then my classmates were like, “66?!” Not that I’m bragging but to be honest, I was kinda confident about it. And it’s so cool because so far the overall total points for our quizzes is 240, and my score is 243. AHH this feels amazing. The last time I was getting this kind of scores was back in ACTBAS2.

I also would like to add that I am happy for one of my classmates, Hanna, although we never spoke to each other. She used to get very low scores, but this time, she got 63/60! Yay for her! Then, Sir told her to tell the class her story. This is what she said (not 100% exact tho): Nung una, puro bagsak ako. As in parang 40% lang yata sa first two quizzes. Tapos nagdasal ako. Ginawa kong Bibliya yung book. Sinagutan ko lahat ng exercises. I was touched by this story. Dasal at tiyaga 🙂

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Bounce Back

Just a day after Smash Project, I went to the Smart Araneta Coliseum again for another concert. It’s actually my second time to attend consecutive concerts. But this time it’s different because it’s two consecutive school days (Thursday & Friday to be specific).

Last night, I got home very late. Probably around 1am then I still need to eat and take a shower. I was so exhausted that no matter what I do, I really couldn’t finish this “last minute” homework. And by that, I meant, our class representative just texted us last night at around 8-9pm. Had our prof told us about that assignment earlier, I would have done it before going to the show. But no, during our previous meeting, our prof said we don’t have to pass any paper, we just have to watch the movie. Yes I’m still bitter.

I went to school today still feeling a bit weak and tired. I actually regret attending “that” class. I thought our prof was gonna check attendance but I was wrong. I forgot that for this term I am entitled to “unlimited absences”. I should have just given my USB to my groupmate. ANYWAY…

Here goes my last class (2:40-4:10pm). I was sooo sleepy that I keep yawning and I was teary-eyed. My classmates actually thought I was crying or something. And I was just not in the mood for anything, especially even after what happened during my previous class. Ugh. But anyway, I survived my last class, which is actually my favorite this term. After that I went home to eat and prepare. I’m glad I didn’t have to hurry because the show starts at 8pm (although the venue is far) and I’m sure it will be delayed.

I met up with Katty, one of my fangirl best friends, at school so that we’ll ride the cab together going to the venue. I was supposed to watch this show with my dad (because I couldn’t find any friend who would buy my extra ticket) but then my dad is busy, so I just willingly gave my extra ticket to Katty. It was really traffic but I enjoyed the ride because of our kwentuhan about Allstar Weekend, one of our top favorite bands. Actually, both of us are the admin of Allstar Weekend Philippines 🙂

I think we arrived at the venue at around 7pm. I was really shocked that there were still very few people. And no one, as in no one, is checking tickets at the doors. While waiting, we took photos outside and then bought food and drinks. As expected, the show started late. Lol.

The Madrigal Siblings (from Pilipinas Got Talent) opened the show by performing around 3-4 songs. Katty and I are seated on the third row (left most) of Lower Box (second right from the center).

Charice finally showed up with her band. To be honest, I dislike her new hair. I greatly prefer the black long hair that she had. Thinking to myself, I was like, “Kung kalian kita panonoorin saka ka nagpaganyan ng hairrr.” But it’s fine though, I mean there’s nothing I can do about it plus it’s HER hair sooo yeah. Most of the songs that she sang were covers and slow songs, so Katty and I remained on our seats. When she started singing her own songs (the ones which are not slow), Katty and I hopped to the first row. Hahaha. Then we started to get crazy, especially when she sang One Day and In Love So Deep. To be honest, the crowd tonight is the most boring ever. I think it’s because most of them are sponsors.

But then there was Iyaz.

The crowd was lively during his set. After that, four special guests took the stage. I think all of them were finalists of Little Big Star. And of course, this includes Sam Concepcion. The others were Makisig, Gian (which happens to be my schoolmate right now), and Kyle/Karl? Lol I’m sorry I don’t know. They performed Moves Like Jagger along with Charice. I wasn’t able to take any photos because I was too busy screaming for Sam. Hahaha.

Charice went on to continue the show. She was really good. I love her voice and her dance moves. But then, I was greatly disappointed by the setlist. I prefer her OWN songs. I will no longer elaborate.

She ended the show with Louder, one of my favorite songs ever. And then when she went backstage, the band kept on playing so it’s like a dance party. But a lot of people were already starting to leave. Then I thought, oh yeah I think it’s a lot better if concerts were ended with a dance party or something like that. Then surprisingly, Charice went back on stage and sang I Will Always Love You. Then the show is really over.

Even though I was disappointed, overall I enjoyed the show. I didn’t regret buying Lower Box tickets to see her. I’ve been a fan since I first heard Pyramid and I’ve wanted to see her since then. So I’m really glad and thankful that I had the opportunity to see her and hear her voice.

Blog Title inspired by the song Bounce Back – by Charice

Temporary Bliss

After school, I went home at once. At the ground floor of our condo, there is a Smash Project poster posted by the elevators. It has been posted for days now. I asked the guards if I can have it later since the concert is tonight. They said yes then I thanked them. Yay! So I went to our unit to eat and fix my stuff then suddenly the doorbell rang. I thought it was my concert buddy for the night, but then it was one of the guards. He gave the poster to my mom. Yay!

When Pat, my concert buddy for tonight, arrived, she was wearing a personalized Smash shirt, and she also gave me one! Another Yay! Then we rode a taxi on the way to Araneta Coliseum. This is so cool because this is actually the first time that I’m going to a concert with a classmate.

When we arrived, I bought a Gen Ad ticket for one of my friends.  Why? Well, I’ve been seeing A LOT of tweets and posts about how people wanted to go to this concert but they don’t have enough money. I felt some kind of pain because I have some friends who really really really want to go but can’t. And since, I still have quite a lot from my birthday money, my heart just told me to share. I felt so restless until I got that ticket on my hands.

After that, I met up with my SHG friends, while Pat is in line. I claimed my signed Symphony Soldier from Che, and then paid her. Then Kai asked me why I am not wearing a dress. Haha. I missed them so much. It felt like yesterday we were just at Intercon. Lol. To be honest, I didn’t know we were going to be that close since we all just started as Facebook/Twitter friends. After a short chat, some hugs, I gave Sage’s ticket to Kai then I went back in line with Pat.

The gates were finally opened. But then, I don’t know why but we had to wait for so long outside the main venue. When Pat and I entered, we tried to look for the star stickers but then all we found were hidden garbage. Hahaha. We tried asking the guards and staff and they were like, “Ah, kaya pala nag-uunahan kanina.” So maybe we were let in late.

I thought the show is supposed to start on time, 7PM, since 9 bands will be performing and it’s a Thursday. But it started at 8pm. Typecast, Urbandub, Chicosci, One Buck Short (from Malaysia), and Slapshock opened the show with 2-3 songs each. To be honest, I got a headache from Chicosci, and a bit from Slapshock. Yeah I’m not really a fan of screamo, although I’m familiar with (and I kinda like) Slapshock’s “Cariño Brutal”. I only enjoyed during the set of Urbandub (because of “First of Summer”) and One Buck Short. Although it’s my first time to hear it, I really like the first song the OBS played, and oh the rock version of Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night” is so cooool. Haha.

Finally, The Cab took the stage.

Alexander de Leon

Joey Thunder

Alex Marshall

(photos by: Ed Clinton Go – Dayly Entertainment)

Some girls in our section (Upper Box A, center-right) rushed to the right barricade. Pat and I followed, but we transferred to the left barricade since no one was still there. It was so cool that we were able to get nearer. Haha. At first, there was just me and Pat in that area, but then some other fangirls joined us. It was awesome ‘cause we were all jumping and singing along together. I totally enjoyed The Cab’s set. I remember how girls are screaming louder whenever Alex Marshall is being shown on the screen. Lol. But I’m a bit disappointed because the cameramen didn’t put enough attention on Joey Thunder. Alex de Leon talked about how a lot of fans, who came to see them at the hotel, requested for them to play “Vegas Skies”, and so they did! I think they just kinda inserted it into the setlist since they only played it until the first chorus. But still, yay! Sorry for saying this but I was a bit, uhm, I’m not sure how you call this – I guess something like disappointed, annoyed, or something like that – with Alex de Leon’s speech. I’m not sure why. Maybe ‘cause those words seemed a bit fake to me. He was saying stuff like, “I’m gonna marry a girl from the Philippines”, “Wouldn’t it be cool if we just cancel everything else and just play here in the Philippines?” or something like that, those kind of stuff. While everybody was screaming, I was like “WEHHH”. I still love him though. And I just can’t help but compare it to the speech of Travis Clark (We The Kings) during their LIV3 show in which I really felt his sincerity. Anyway, I enjoyed The Cab’s set so much that I actually didn’t notice that they didn’t play “Endlessly”. I only realized it after the show. And, I’m really glad that they played “Living Louder”, one of the most inspiring songs I’ve ever heard.

Cobra Starship then took the stage.

(credits to the owner of this photo)

To be honest, their performance is wayyy over my expectations. They are so damn good!!! Last month, I thought no band would perform better than Forever The Sickest Kids, but then there was Cobra Starship.

(photos by Ed Clinton Go – Dayly Entertainment)

Despite being sick, Gabe Saporta (who missed the CD signing before the show) showed great energy. He was dancing, jumping around, playing with the mic stand and the wires, and stuff. Everything was perfect. But then there goes Gabe’s white pants. Hahaha. His pants kinda gave up. And by that I meant, his pants had a hole near the crotch area. LOL =)) But then, he “doesn’t give a fuck” about it. Also, Gabe is sometimes referred to as the “President of the Philippines” by his fans. I really don’t know the reason behind it since I’m just a new fan. And then he actually talked about it (Days before the show he also tweeted @CobraCrewManila that he can’t wait to see his presidential office. LOL). He mentioned that he was elected as president back in 2010, and that the first law or bill that he’s gonna implement is that everyone should rip their fucking pants every night. Lol I just can’t stop laughing.

(photos by: Dayly Entertainment & Manila Concert Scene)

Oh, and the chemistry between Gabe & VickyT ♥ ♥ ♥ I have no words. I really admire Victoria Asher – the way she dresses and the way she performs. Cobra’s set was just so fun I mean party partyyyyyy and they are just amazing. I’ve learned to love them even more after watching them. Oh, and Gabe mentioned that Manila is the last stop for their tour 🙂

(photos by: Ed Clinton Go – Dayly Entertainment)

It was so tiring but so so fun. During the short break (after Cobra’s set, and also The Cab’s), Pat and I just sat on the floor. We didn’t go back to our real seats because we want to hold on to our spot. And we didn’t really mind doing the Indian seat over there. Lol. And then Chris Carrabba (of Dashboard Confessional) finally came out.

I don’t know why but his bandmates were not with him, so his whole set was acoustic (I also read that he was alone in Australia too). I’m not really a fan (but I DON’T hate him okay) so I just sat almost the entire set. Well, I stood up at first when he came out but then I eventually sat, and stood up again during like the last 3 songs.

One thing I really liked about this set is that, since it is acoustic, you can clearly hear the crowd singing along. And even though Chris was alone, his performance was awesome. My favorite part of his set was when he played Stolen. Other than the fact that it’s the only song that I really like, there were some parts during the song that he let the crowd sing, and it was just b e a u t i f u l. Chris even said that it sounded so good and that it’s one of the happiest nights ever or something like that.

(photos by: Ed Clinton Go – Dayly Entertainment)

It was already midnight and there’s still one more band to perform, The Used. I don’t really listen to them, and I’m NOT saying anything against them okay. I went to the show for The Cab & Cobra Starship. The show was held on a Thursday night. Pat and I still have to go to school the next day, so we decided to leave the venue right after Chris Carrabba performed.

Oh, and btw, here’s a a really good article I found online: http://lifestyle.inquirer.net/39363/musical-monster It talks about the top 7 memorable moments of the show 🙂

Thank you to the producers, organizers, and sponsors of the show! And Thank you Lord for another wonderful night!


Blog Title inspired by the song Temporary Bliss – by The Cab