Tonight Will Last Forever


(Day 1 & Day 2)

It’s everything I’ve prayed for.

  • Meet & Greet session with The Ready Set (It wasn’t one on one, but I was beside him in the group photo. I look like crap but idc.
  • Jordan signed my shirt using my own Sharpie
  • I was able to get to the front during The Ready Set’s part of the show
  • Eye contact with Jordan
  • Andy saw my sign and he smiled
  • I wasn’t in front when the other bands played but my view was okay and I didn’t get squished or anything, so it was cool
  • I was able to get (not buy) this ID thing
  • First time to win a guitar pick (over a war with other fangirls) with the band name written on it
  • I was able to buy a TRS guitar pick from some guy
  • I got FTSK setlist for free
  • Got to see some of my SHG friends and met a new friend

My parents and I arrived at TriNoma at around 2pm. The first thing we did was to claim my Meet & Greet stub with The Ready Set from Ms. Joy of Music Management International. Then we had lunch and my best friend, Reiko, joined us. We were about to go inside the venue but then it rained hard. So we waited for it to stop before we (Papa, Reiko, and I) lined up. Iza joined us afterwards. They let us in after waiting for a couple of minutes.

Reiko & I

When we found our seats, my friends and I went to the merch booth. While walking, I passed by Christian Skirmont! I was like, “Hi Christian” and then he was like “Hey, how are you?” ♥ I’d ask for a hug and a photo but he was kinda in a hurry and he’s with someone.

While waiting for the show to start, I was so restless because I’ll be having my Meet & Greet session with The Ready Set in a while.

(photo by: Larence Dionisio)

A+ Dropouts finally went out. To be honest, I don’t know any of their songs. But they are pretty amazing live. These kids are so talented and good looking too! I didn’t scream and jump so much because I wanted to save energy for The Ready Set. While performing, they were throwing guitar picks and ballers to the crowd. I love how most fell on the aisle then the crowd had to beg the bouncers and photographers to give them the stuff. Haha.


Cheska Zaide*                                     Lucas Tomlinson*


Evan Apodaca**                                  Brendan Evans**

(photos by: Larence Dionisio* & Iza Artillero**)

My spot during A+ Dropouts. Showing on the screen is The Ready Set’s advertisement for the Ayala Malls app 🙂

(photo by: A+ Dropouts)

During the short technical break, the Meet & Greet for The Ready Set was held. I find it unfair, because the persons-in-charge chose specific people to get in first for a ‘one-on-one’ meet & greet. I was in line, and then they told me, “The line is over there”. I couldn’t do anything. Oh well. The people said the photo will be in groups of 5. However, our group only consisted of 4. While waiting in line, I saw Jordan Witzigreuter with other people, walking to the tent. I got teary-eyed already. I was about to cry but then we saw the members of The Summer Set went to the backstage, so I got distracted. We finally entered the tent and I got a feeling of mixed emotions. I just can’t explain it. I hugged Jordan again, then I was able to get beside him during the photo. And, I was able to get him to sign my shirt. Thank God we were allowed to do so. Jordan was actually holding a pen that time, but I have a fabric pen on my pocket (We were asked to leave our bags outside the tent) then I handed it to him and was like, “Can you please sign my shirt?” and he was like, “Oh okay” then he took my pen. Awww he used my pen to sign my shirt 😀 and then after that. I don’t actually remember if I said I love you. Gosh I was out of my mind. But I remember that I told him that I was the girl from yesterday with the “AJ Fresh” sign that he tweeted about last night. And he said, “Oh that’s awesome” ♥

Did I mention that I made a new friend? Yup, the girl behind me in the line. Her name is Sarah. She went to the show alone so I invited her to join me and my friends. But then we lost each other after the Meet & Greet.

(photo by: Larence Dionisio)

When The Summer Set took the stage and started to play The Boys You Do, I was like, WOW. Everyone, as in EVERY SINGLE PERSON, around me were jumping and singing along! Even my dad! Now that’s awesome! It’s the first time ever that I’ve experienced this ‘cause in the previous concerts that I’ve been to, usually, most people around me were just standing. I didn’t know how fun this is until now. I’m not that tall so I really don’t have the best view, but it was good enough. I can clearly see Brian Dales. I can also see the others but it will take little effort. BUT STILL IT WAS SO FUN. I just can’t get over it. Brian sounds so great live! – better than in recorded songs. They ended their set with Young, my favorite song from their debut album, Love Like This. Another interesting thing is that, every song in their set list is a part of my top favorite TSS songs! It made me so happy. I wish they could’ve played more songs though. I guess when they come back? J Oh, and also, I find it cute and adorable when Brian said “Mahal kita.” ♥

Brian Dales*


Jess Bowen*                                 Josh Montgomery**


Stephen Gomez*                           John Gomez*

(photos by: Manila Concert Scene* & Iza Artillero**)

(photo by: Eric Halvorsen of A Rocket To The Moon)

Again, there was a short technical break. The bouncers at the venue ask the audience to go back to their seats during breaks.

You know that feeling when you’re thinking –– KUNG DI AKO MAKAPUNTA SA HARAP, PATAYAN NA. Hahaha. I’m not violent or anything, but that’s exactly how I felt. I’m not going to the last LIV5 show tomorrow at Market! Market!, so it means, today at TriNoma (3rd show) will be the last time that I’ll get to see The Ready Set. So what I did was: I sat on the front row/center seat, even though the seat number is different from my stub. Well, no one was sitting there and no one was claiming that it is his/her seat. When I felt that the show is about to start, and when people are starting to go back to the front, I stood up. Little by little I walked forward and I stopped when I was like beside one of the bouncers at the front. I was patiently waiting, and I didn’t let anyone get in front of me.

photo by me

THEN FINALLY THE READY SET IS ON STAGE! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I RAN TO THE VERY FRONT BWAHAHAHAHA. First song was The Ghost of Los Angeles. At first, I really couldn’t hear anything because the bass was too loud, but I was still screaming! I STOPPED BREATHING, WILL YOU CATCH ME NOWWW~ AAAHHHHHH. And then I think after the chorus, the sound was better. Then they played Young Forever – the first song I’ve heard from Feel Good Now EP; and the song that I used for my entry for MMI’s Lip Sync Contest (in which I won the Meet & Greet pass). Amazing performance! I love how Andrew “Andy” Snyders & Deryck Stanek were doing the drum thing on both sides of the stage! I was screaming HEY HEY WE’LL BE YOUNG FOREVER~ and it felt SO GOOD. The next one is Spinnin’ – one of the first songs that I’ve heard from The Ready Set. I remember how its official lyric video made me quite dizzy. Lol. Then they played Killer. I fell more in love with this song after hearing it live. Another awesome performance. I love the transition in the part where the lyrics went “Bootleg emotions, bottled up explosions…” and I didn’t expect the whole clapping thing after that part and then back to the chorus. Next song is Stays Four The Same – one of my favorites from the album I’m Alive, I’m Dreaming. I NEED A LITTLE MORE THUNDER, A LITTLE MORE LIGHTNING, A LITTLE MORE YOUUUU~ ♥ Next in line is their magical performance of Hollywood Dream. Yup, magical~ Don’t ask me why, I myself don’t even know. That’s just how I felt. CE-ELE-EBRITY COME AND BE WITH ME~ Then they played More Than Alive – one of the songs that has made an impact on my life. “Follow the freeway, break the routine, ‘cause EVERYTHING IS SECOND TO YOUR DREAMS~” While this song was being played, I can imagine myself as one of the people in the party scene of the music video. Haha. The next song is Back To Back – this song really caught my attention the first time I heard it. It’s just so catchy and I just really love it. I’m really happy that this song made it to the setlist. I was the only one left (in our area) singing when this song was played. Lol. Last but not the least, Love Like Woe!!! The song that made me fall in love with The Ready Set, and the first ever song that I’ve heard. This is the part when the entire crowd was really wild. Everyone’s screaming WOAH OH OH OH~ and then during the bridge part of the song, Jordan sat on stage, and surprisingly he went down and ran through the aisle so that he can go near to the other fans. So cool of him! And then he rushed back to the stage. I actually thought he wasn’t gonna make it before the songs ends, but he did! Yay!

photo by: Manila Concert Scene

photo by me

Also, during The Ready Set’s part of the show, I had an eye contact with Jordan. I’ve been denying it to myself and I don’t know why. But now I’m sure that his eyes were on mine ♥ I just don’t remember which song/s it happened. I got to caught up in the moment omg. I love how the girl on my left is also a big fan of The Ready Set. We were screaming the lyrics together, well most of the time, ‘cause there are some songs that I think she doesn’t know. Lol. Oh, and Andy saw my “AJ Fresh” sign!!! Awesomeeeeeee ♥ I originally planned not to take any photos (just like in yesterday’s show) so that I can just enjoy the show, but then I wanted to take advantage of being in the front row so I took a few shots.

photo by: Manila Concert Scene

Gosh I was so tired after their performance! I felt like my lungs are gonna give up. Too much screaming and jumping and shouting the lyrics. Hahaha. I kinda hoped to get some guitar picks or drum stick, but it didn’t happen. Oh, and the setlist! Damn. Christian had two and he handed it out to us. Guess what happened? I got squished by the girls beside me, both sides! It was so painful that bad words accidentally came out of my mouth. I tried to reach for the setlists but my arms are WAY shorter than that of the other girls so yeah..

Front row! Yay!

(photo by: Christian Skirmont)

Anyway, I was so overwhelmed after The Ready Set’s performance. The show hasn’t ended yet but at this point, I declare this show, LIV5 @ TriNoma, as the BEST CONCERT EVER.


Andrew Snyder*                                   Deryck Stanek*

Travis Rountree**

(photos by: Iza Artillero* & Che Crisostomo**)

During the short break, I went away from my area. I need to breathe. Whew. Hahaha. I also need water. So my dad got me and my friends a bottle of water for each. Also, I learned that when everybody ran to the front, my dad (who was behind me that time) protected me from being pushed to the barricade. Awww thank you Papa :’)

(photo by: Manila Concert Scene)

A Rocket To The Moon is next – my best friend’s favorite band! I’m so happy for her. I tried to push her to the front but then she couldn’t get there anymore. But we were still very close to the stage though, but the huge bouncer was kinda blocking her view. When they started to play, the crowd was so loud in singing along! You can clearly see that the band is enjoying very much. The smiles on their faces just won’t go away! Then they played one of my favorite songs by them, Baby Blue Eyes. This one is epic. The first part of the song was acoustic and then most, if not all, of the crowd were singing along. I love this kind of performances. After another song, they played my favorite ARTTM song, Dakota. BARAP BAP BA BARAP BAP BARAP BARAAAA~ Oh I just love this song so much. During the last two “barap” thingy, they let the crowd sing, and on the last one, they stopped playing their guitars/drums for a while, so all you can hear is the crowd screaming the lyrics. Good times. After playing the heartbreaking song, Like We Used To, they played Mr. Right!! The crowd went wild again! People were jumping and singing along.


Nick Santino*                                Eric Halvorsen*


Justin Richards*                            Andrew Cook**

(photos by: Manila Concert Scene* & Iza Artillero**)

Reiko brought her amazing drawing of Nick Santino to the show (she made it for a project during her freshman year in college). Nick Santino noticed it! Yay! Also, since it’s my third time to see them, I quite learned some lyrics. Meaning, this show, I was able to sing along more than the first show.

Oh, and before I forget, I GOT A GUITAR PICK!! WOOOO!! It landed like in front of me then I was able to get it! Haha. I thought no one saw it, but then my dad told me that he blocked the other fangirls so that they won’t get it. HAHAHA. Thank you Papa! :*

(photo by: Manila Concert Scene)

The last band, Forever The Sickest Kids, is about to go onstage. I saw this girl on our area, holding a red rose and I heard her say that it’s for Jonathan. Awwww ♥ I’m glad she, and her friend, was able to get to the front – my spot during The Ready Set. FTSK is the last band to perform, and yet the crowd is still so full of energy! The band was just amazing. I have known there for years and I never imagined that I would actually get to see them. To start things off, I wanna say that the sparkly FTSK thing on the mic stand rocks! Well, I love sparkles. Haha. Then they finally went out and opened with Keep On Bringing Me Down. That’s a great song but I didn’t lose control until they played Whoa Oh! – my favorite FTSK song ever; first FTSK song I’ve ever heard. WHOA OH WHOA OH WHOA OH! They are so amazing omg! I love how Jonathan does this dance, that thing he does with his arms (I don’t know what it’s called LOL), then the tricks he does with the microphone like throwing then catching it. So cooool! And I love how they connect with the audience, like how Jonathan gives eye contact to the fans. And then at one part of the show, Jonathan was like, “Man, these barricades are getting on my nerves.” And for the second time (the first one was during the first show at Alabang Town Center), he asked if there is any way the people from behind can get through the barricades “safely” – yes he emphasized that word. I wasn’t able to see if people were able to get to the front but then a friend told me that she did jump off the barricade. Haha.

I also love how Jonathan Cook sang, “Manila, oh, Manila you are my favorite town~”. He also sang it during the first and second show. But this time, he sang “I feel like dancing tonight~” Yeahhhh.

I really had a blast during this set. So far, Forever The Sickest Kids, is the best band I’ve seen live, in terms of performance. No kidding. If you’re a concertgoer, you have to see this band before you die. They’re just amazing.


Jonathan Cook                              Caleb Turman


Austin Bello                                    Kyle Burns

(photos by: Manila Concert Scene)

After the show, my friends and I hung out at the merch booth. I was looking for my dad, and while doing so, I was also trying my luck in finding some guitar picks around the venue. Hahaha. I couldn’t find my dad. But then I saw Sarah again, and she told me that she saw my dad. So yeah I told my dad I was just gonna hangout with my friends for a while. Then I took Sarah too the merch tables because she said she couldn’t find them. Then I got the chance to hang out with some of my friends from SHG! After that, Iza, Reiko, and I roamed around the venue to try to ask some people if we can have their IDs (the one that has a photo of LIV5 on it) for remembrance. Lol. They won’t give anything to us. Some guys are even selling theirs for P100-P200. Luckily, one bouncer gave me his ID! Yay! At first I thought he wasn’t gonna give it to me because he just passed by me, then I looked back at him and then he removed it and gave it to me in a “pa-simple” way, with a smile. Yiieee :”> Hahaha.

But then, we are still desperate, so we went near the stage to try to ask for anything (guitar picks, drum sticks, setlists, just anything) and then this very nice guy gave me an FTSK setlist! Yes omg. He just gave it to me, he didn’t ask for money or anything. Then I heard he gave drumsticks to this group of people beside us. He’s so nice!

Then my friends and I were being told by this other person that we should go away already. LOL. So we did, but we were still asking the people around us for stuff. Haha. Sadly, we weren’t able to get an ID for Reiko (Iza got one from the show yesterday at Glorietta). THEN we encountered this guy. He was selling guitar picks of ARTTM & FTSK. I was asking for a TRS one but he said he doesn’t have one. Then we walked to the exit. We were trying to negotiate about the guitar picks. And then when he checked the picks, one of them is TRS! I bought it for P300. Yes I know it’s a bit expensive (even the bouncers who were eating beside us said it was), but then it’s freaking TRS okay 😦 I told him to just wait because I have to get my money since my dad has my bag. When I returned, I paid him and got my TRS pick. So, he still has the FTSK and ARTTM ones. Iza seemed interested with the ARTTM pick and we tried to ask for a lower price. She got it for P250. We didn’t get the FTSK one anymore. Sooo yup, I didn’t win my TRS pick over a fangirl war but at least I have one! I’m cool with it.

When we got inside the mall, I claimed my Meet & Greet photo. DAMN IT I LOOK SO ASDFASDGFD BUT IDC I’M WITH JORDAN OKAY 😦 I saw some friends claiming their photos too. At first, my photo was missing, but thank God I found it after a few minutes. I also asked for a soft copy. And then, we, together with my parents, had dinner at Kenny Rogers. So cool that I saw some of my SHG friends there! We all went home after dinner.

I can’t believe I got the chance to see my favorite bands live, and they actually shared the stage! This is just too epic. Thank you Music Management International, Ayala Malls, the bands, everyone who made this event possible. You have no idea how much you made me, and a thousand more people, happy.




I survived 3 consecutive rock concerts. No injuries, just bruises. No regrets, just love ♥

Thank you Lord for this epic day.

Remember when… :’)

July 22, 2011

July 31, 2011

More photos:

Iza, Reiko & I

Reiko, Papa & I







(photos: Iza Artillero, Larence Dionisio, Che Crisostomo, Manila Concert Scene, me)

The Aftermath:



Blog Title inspired by the song: Young Forever – by The Ready Set


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One thought on “Tonight Will Last Forever

  1. “Also, I learned that when everybody ran to the front, my dad (who was behind me that time) protected me from being pushed to the barricade.” I saw that happen, You have a really sweet dad, Thea 🙂

    I’m just really glad about this post cause most of the things you listed here more or less happened to me too! It was probably the best night among the 4 shows, and I was lucky to get to the front as well.

    Meet and greet with Jordan, getting my shirt signed (with YOUR Sharpie- haha), eye contact (OMG! lol), the merch and picks and stuff, being on front row, the setlist…….

    Thanks again for this post, I’m too lazy to make one of my own. And it’s great to have met you, I really wish we could hang out some time soon! ❤

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