More Than Alive

LIV5: Day 2

I’ve been to a couple of concerts but tonight, for the first time ever:

  • I was late for a concert (assuming yesterday’s show is not counted since I was informed last minute that I have tickets)
  • I literally cried tears of joy (when The Ready Set played Love Like Woe)
  • I got splashed by water
  • I won a guitar pick war
  • I didn’t take any photos
  • I made signs

Yes, I was late. No matter how I badly want to skip my last class, I can’t because we have a long quiz and it’s a major subject. My plan was to take the quiz as fast as I can (without being careless). But then, the quiz was quite difficult. I couldn’t answer some numbers. I can’t pass it yet because we have to answer everything. Then someone passed his work already and I was like okay I’ll just write whatever I think is the correct answer. And so I did. Then I ran home (which is just across the school), left my school bag and got my concert bag (lol) then went out with my mom to get a cab. Damnnn it took long before we were able to ride one, plus it was traffic!

(Edit: Our quiz was returned the following Tuesday, and to my surprise,  only four students passed the quiz and I’m one of them! Yay!)

When I arrived, A+ Dropouts was already performing. Thank God my friends and I were able to get in without any problem. I was glad and surprised to see some of my friends were also in the same section as I’m in! We were gold stub holders, but we were in the second section because we don’t have Meet & Greet stubs. We’re not in the front section but it was okay ‘cause I have a pretty good view, even though there are like 2-3 people in front of me.

The Summer Set (photo by: Cha Junsay)

The Summer Set took the stage. Awesome choice for the opening song! The Boys You Do – one of my favorites. Brian Dales sound so great live! And Jess Bowen is so beautiful! Everyone in the band was just amazing! I have no complaints about their setlist, except that they should’ve been allowed to play more songs. As time passed by, there was only one person in front of me (still in the second section).

The Ready Set (photo by: Iza Artillero)

When The Ready Set is about to come out, I managed to get to the front because that girl went away. Yay! When the band went out and played The Ghost of Los Angeles, I BEGAN TO GO WILD. I was literally screaming my lungs out! IT WAS SO AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEEE! First ‘full’ The Ready Set show OH MY GOD. And yes, I had signs with me – not only for Jordan but also for Andy, Deryck, and Travis. OMG IT WAS SO FUN I WAS SCREAMING AND JUMPING AND GOING CRAZY DURING THE ENTIRE SEGMENT OF THE READY SET. ASK EVERYONE AROUND ME. Then they played Young Forever and OMG WHAT AN EPIC PERFORMANCE. I loved how Andy and Deryck were doing the drums on both sides of the stage IT WAS SO COOL OKAY? And then they played Spinnin’, and then Killer!!! I love how they performed Killer! Then Stays Four The Same, then Hollywood Dream! IS IT JUST ME OR THERE REALLY IS SOMETHING MAGICAL ABOUT THE LIVE VERSION OF THIS SONG? Aaahhhh!! The next one is a song that had an impact on my life, More Than Alive. Then they played Back To Back, the first song from Feel Good Now EP that really caught my attention. Last but not the least, Love Like Woe! WOAH OH OH OH! And yes I cried when this song was about to end. I was just so overwhelmed. I LOVE THE READY SET. Oh, and before I forget, I also loved that drum thing that was going on in between songs. And I got splashed by water! Hahaha. I don’t remember which specific part of the show was that, but Jordan threw a water bottle to the crowd and my chest got so wet =))

A Rocket To The Moon (photo by: Cha Junsay)

A Rocket To The Moon performed next, and then Forever The Sickest Kids. Awesome performance by both bands. I was able to get an FTSK pick, but I don’t know why, it was just a regular guitar pick (no FTSK written on it or whatever). Then Kyle Burns of FTSK crowd surfed. Haha. I’m so happy for my friend Katty – she is a huge fan of FTSK and she finally saw them live. Just like in my case, for TRS though.

Forever The Sickest Kids (photo by: Cha Junsay)

This is my first time ever not to take photos (except a photo of the stage with the LIV5 on the screen and Glorietta’s logo). I wanted to just enjoy and rock out with the bands and I didn’t want to bother myself to take a photo. I had more fun today than yesterday. Aside from the fact that this concert is my first full LIV5 show, the crowd here is livelier, and lots of my friends were here too 🙂

with Iza & Katty


Glorietta crowd (photo by: Christian Skirmont / The Ready Set)

As expected I went home with giant bruises on both knees. I always get those when there’s a barricade in front of me. No regrets 🙂

When I arrived home, of course the first thing that I did was to check on my Twitter and Facebook. I totally freaked out when I saw this:

Yup, that was mine!First time to make signs and it got noticed! How cool is that? 😀

Thank you so much Music Management International & Ayala Malls!

When I arrived home, a couple of minutes before midnight, I was shocked. Why are there so many people at this hour? While I was at the ground floor of the condo, I noticed there are still lights inside my school and the gates are still open. Then I heard music. Wow, I forgot that today is the last day of our annual university week. The concert is still on going! Few minutes after I went upstairs to our unit, I saw the beautiful fireworks from my school. Awesome!

More LIV5 photos:

A+ Dropouts

(photos by: Iza Arillero)

Cheska Zaide

Lucas Tomlinson

Evan Apodaca

Brendan Evans

 The Summer Set

(photos by: Iza Artillero* & Cha Junsay**)

Brian Dales**

Jess Bowen & Stephen Gomez**

John Gomez*

Josh Montgomery*

The Ready Set (Jordan Witzigreuter)

(photos by: Cha Junsay)

A Rocket To The Moon

(photos by: Iza Artillero* & Cha Junsay**)

Nick Santino*

Eric “Halvo” Halvorsen

Andrew Cook**

Justin Richards*

Forever The Sickest Kids

(photos by: Iza Artillero* & Cha Junsay**)

Jonathan Cook*

Austin Bello*

Caleb Turman**

Kyle Burns**

Blog Title inspired by the song: More Than Alive – by The Ready Set

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