I Don’t Wanna Slow, Slow, Slow, Slow Down, Down

I had a really bad morning this day. School stuff and the strong rain that got me so wet that I had to go home and change. Thank God for my friend who rescued me.

BUT THEN, everything went all good in the afternoon. I logged in Facebook as soon as I got home. I was surprised to see that I have a message from MMI. Sir Alex told me that my video was great!

Then he asked if I won any Meet & Greet passes. I said thank you and that I haven’t won anything. Then he double-checked if I joined for The Ready Set. I said yes. And then he asked for my contact number so that he can arrange my Meet & Greet with The Ready Set for the TriNoma show on Saturday!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOODNESS. I totally freaked out! I couldn’t stop saying thank you & I love you.

And when I thought my day couldn’t get any better, my dad called me and said we have VIP tickets for tonight’s show (first show of LIV5 at Alabang Town Center, which starts at 5pm). But it was already around 5:30pm and my dad still has to go home to pick me up. I freaked out again! He asked me if I want to catch up with the show and I was like OMG YES. We had 2 extra tickets and I called/texted my other friends. Sadly, all of them couldn’t make it. Then we FLEW to the venue. lol. Thank God we arrived safely and that I made it to The Ready Set‘s set. When I heard the sound from inside our car, I freaked out so my dad dropped me off at the parking where the concert was being held, while he parked his car then claimed the tickets from inside the mall. I was able to enter the venue during Back To Back, the second to the last song. OH MY GOD THIS IS MY FIRST EVER THE READY SET CONCERT. IS THIS REAL. I WAS SCREAMING THE LYRICS AND I WAS SO SO SO HAPPY. And then they played Love Like Woe! WOW. I JUST CAN’T ASDFASDGADGSDF. I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS DAY WOULD ACTUALLY COME. Ahhhh. I am so honored to be a part of The Ready Set‘s first show of 2012!

There was a short break so I went to the merch booths. I bought every single design of merch from The Ready Set. I was a bit disappointed that there were no CDs though. Oh, and I didn’t notice that the red shirt they gave me was men’s size, so I had to get it repaired 😦 I also bought FTSK’s shirt and baller. At first I didn’t notice that they were selling their self-titled album, so I’m glad I came back to the table and saw it, so I bought one. I didn’t buy ARTTM’s shirt because I really don’t like the design. I bought the CD of A+ Dropouts because Cheska Zaide’s aunt told me that I can get it signed. No merch for The Summer Set 😦

Thank you to my godparents, aunts, and uncles for the birthday money that I got last month! Wooo!

I went back inside because A Rocket To The Moon is about to take the stage. How I wished my best friend was with me today. ARTTM is her favorite band. I like this band too, but not so much, so I don’t really know the other songs. But I actually enjoyed especially when they played my favorites, Dakota and Baby Blue Eyes, then you can hear the crowd singing along. But damnnn those haters behind me ughh. And then, there was a short break again. I was just sitting there. Then there was this guy behind me who was like “Excuse me” and then when I looked down, there was an ARTTM guitar pick! I tried to get it too but I failed. Haha. Oh well =))

Finally, Forever The Sickest Kids took the stage. I am in love with their mic stand! It’s so sparkly!!!!! I love sparkles. They were so amazing omg! I’m not that familiar with the lyrics of their first song, Keep On Bringing Me Down, so when they played the next song, Whoa Oh, which is actually my favorite. I went all crazy! And it was amazing how they performed it. And I really love how they, especially Jonathan, connects with the audience – like making eye contacts, pointing at the fans, reading the signs, etc. And wow I love those dance moves! and just everything they all did on stage! Whoa! I didn’t expect that. They are so full of energy! And I guess one of the highlights for the night, is when Jonathan invited the people from behind to go to the front. It was so cool of him. I’m glad the crowd made it! Yayyy! And yeah, the entire show was just freaking amazing!

Thank you so much Music Management International & Ayala Malls!

Oh, aside from all of these wonderful things that I wrote, I actually met two online friends for the first time ever tonight! Awesomeee! And the two extra tickets we had, we gave it away to two girls wearing school uniform who were standing near the entrance 🙂

Me and my Papa

During ARTTM’s set

Angelle and I

The crowd. My dad and I are somewhere on the right side. I just couldn’t find us. Haha. (photo by: Jonathan Cook / FTSK)



*props to my dad for taking these videos 🙂

Blog Title inspired by the song: More Than Alive – by The Ready Set


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