Never Say Never

Another epic day in my 18 years of life.

I thought this day would never come – the day when I would go to a hotel where foreign bands or artists are checked in.

LIV5 starts on Thursday, Feb. 16, so the bands – The Ready Set, The Summer Set, Forever The Sickest Kids, A Rocket To The Moon arrived here in the Philippines today, Feb. 15.

Thank God I have no Wednesday classes, so I can join my friends who are also going to the hotel.

I met up with them at Glorietta. Some of them are online friends who I met for the first time, while some of them I’ve met before during All Time Low‘s album signing and concert. When Kai has arrived, we went to Intercon. We tried to get in but failed. We forgot to plan. We just rushed there without thinking. I guess we were too excited. And there was a bit too many of us. Some not so good things happened afterwards (and I don’t wanna write about them)

So, we stayed at Glorietta for a while. Some of us were about to give up. But then some shop played Justin Bieber’s “Never Say Never”. HAHAHA =)) Don’t get me wrong, I love Bieber (the others don’t though). It was just funny how that song was played during that time.

We were all tired and disappointed but we would like to try again. We did. But once again, they wouldn’t let us in. So we waited, and waited, and waited outside the hotel. The walls are made of glass so we can see what’s inside.

Then we saw AUSTIN BELLO from FOREVER THE SICKEST KIDS. We screamed from outside the hotel and we were waving at him. Then he signaled us that he’s coming out, so we rushed to the entrance. I don’t believe it. I actually met Austin Bello. I got hugs from him, and he signed some of flyers and photo, using my own Sharpie! We had group pictures with him, but the best part is, everyone had a solo picture with him!

After that, Austin went inside the hotel, and us fans remained outside. Then we saw A+ DROPOUTS from the outside. Gosh, they are so freaking cute!!! Seriously, I didn’t expect that! However, when they went out, we weren’t allowed to take any photos with them. Their security is too tight!

(photos by: Wanda Ciara)



We freaked out from the outside. Then he waved at us. I kinda expected that he’d go out but he didn’t. Then we saw him again, and again he didn’t go out.


(photo by Vanessa Jasme)

They all went out. I was able to hold Jordan’s soft right hand. We followed him to Starbucks (Glorietta 5). However, the bodyguards won’t let us in! DAMNNNN. Then we were just waving from outside then Jordan waved back. Then we tried to enter from the other entrance, but damn there was another bodyguard. Then ANDY SNYDERS & CHRISTIAN SKIRMONT went out to smoke. I couldn’t get near Andy because of this stupid guard. WHY IS IT THAT HE LET THE OTHER GIRLS GO NEAR ANDY AND NOT US. UGH UNFAIR :((( Anyway, we were able to go near Christian, and I had a photo with him! YAYYYYY! ❤

(photos by Vanessa Jasme)

Finally, everyone was outside Starbucks. I hurried to Jordan then hugged him. Then the guard said we could take a group photo with him. Thank God I didn’t let go so I was beside him in the photos. Haha :”>

After that, I gave him my ‘gift’ but I think he wasn’t allowed to receive gifts or idk then the guard took it. So I don’t know if he ever received it. Oh well. At least I met him, right? Afterwards, I was able to hug DERYCK STANEK! My friend was about to take a photo of Deryck & I, but then the other guard PUSHED me. Damnnnnn! Sad, that I wasn’t go anywhere near Andy and Travis 😦 Then, there’s Charlie Fox! At first, I thought it wasn’t him. Idk I think he looks a bit different from the photos I’ve seen online. But then, who else would that person be? Lol. And oh, Jason wasn’t there 😦 😦 😦


(photo by: Ruthie James)

We tried to follow them back to the hotel. Then in the middle of the road, we sang Love Like Woe. Hahaha. It was crazy but fun. Erycka and I were about to cry tears of joy. It was just… UNREAL. I mean, months ago, Jordan, and the entire The Ready Set members…I was just watching them from YouTube and looking at their photos on the internet…BUT TODAY, I was actually breathing the same air as all of them. I was able to talk, hug, take a photo with some. THEY WERE NOT JUST VIDEOS, THEY WERE REAL PEOPLE. I DON’T BELIEVE IT.

(photo by: Wanda Ciara)

Sooo it was like past 4pm and we haven’t eaten anything yet. So we decided to grab something at Starbucks. Then the barista at the counter asked about The Ready Set, then we showed him the LIV5 flyer. Then we chatted with him. Apparently, this is what Jordan ordered:

HAHAHA. I wanna try this! 😀

Afterwards, we went to the food court at Glorietta 4. We didn’t stay long because one of us got a text message that A ROCKET TO THE MOON has arrived. So we rushed back to Intercon. While freaking out outside, there was this old woman who said, “A Rocket To The Moon? Andun sila sa loob oh!” or something like that. I find it cool. B-)

Waiting… waiting… waiting…

Then we saw them walking in shorts on the way to the pool. Then we saw Nick Santino go to the elevator but never returned, so we didn’t see him again 😦

Everyone in my group of friends went home already but I remained at the hotel with our two new friends Wanda & Rachelle.

Waiting…. waiting… waiting…

Then it was 7pm. We had to go home.

This is such a cool experience. It’s very tiring but fun. The ‘fun’ part is because I’m with my friends and I met new friends this day. Oh, and I also realized that I can work as a saleslady because I was able to tolerate standing for hours. Haha. I don’t wanna work as one though lol. And good things come to those who wait. Lol :))

What I hated very much about this day:

THE VERY RUDE GUARD BY THE ENTRANCE. SCREW HIM FOR HOW HE TREATED US. Oh, all the bullshit that came out of his mouth and how he fucking talked to us. Dammit. Just thinking about it puts me in such a bad mood. One of my friends actually posted a complaint on Facebook, although not all details were mentioned. Then the management apologized. Wehhh. I’m glad the other guards were nice though.

Next time The Ready Set comes here, hopefully, I ‘need’ to ‘meet’ everyone in TRS. I love the other bands but I don’t mind too much that I didn’t get to see or meet them. I’m content with just seeing The Ready Set. I hope they come back asap!

Thank you Lord for this day 🙂


Blog Title inspired by the song: Never Say Never – by Justin Bieber


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