DLSUniversity Week 2012 – Day 2 (LEAP)

LEAP – Lasallian Enrichment Alternative Program

I was supposed to get up by 8am but then again, I failed. Lol. So I got up at around 11am because my LEAP class (Accessories Making) is scheduled from 1pm- 4pm. I didn’t know anyone who enrolled in the same class.

When I arrived at the classroom, I sat near the back at first. Then I transferred near the front after signing the attendance and paying for the materials. We were asked to introduce ourselves before the session started. Then my seatmate and I talked to each other and I figured out that she’s a freshman – Accounting major but shifting to Entrepreneurship). I myself was a shiftee from Accounting to Entrepreneurship. And we both share the same dream, which is to establish a business. So we got along well. Yup, 2 consecutive days of meeting a new friend, and they’re both shifting to Entrepreneurship. How cool is that?

I enjoyed so much in this activity. I have been making accessories since I was a kid (when my mom’s friend gave me a bead set as a birthday gift many years ago), but I stopped when I entered high school. So it kinda felt like “heaven” to once again be able to hold some beads and strings, imagine a design, then work on it. Happiness. Aside from that, I learned some basics which I can’t believe I didn’t know.

You may not have the most beautiful raw materials, but you can be creative enough to be able to make a masterpiece out of what you have.


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