You Got Me Hypnotized, So Mesmerized

I’m not really a big fan of David Archuleta but this event is so amazing! Thanks to my friend Katty for inviting me to this event at SM Mall of Asia. When I entered the venue, I was surprised to see one of my friends in school, Jojo, that I was like “Oh my gosh” then we hugged each other. After that, the two guards at the entrance keep teasing me. Before David showed up, Jasmine Curtis-Smith and Eula Caballero took the stage. Jasmine is so damn beautiful. Katty and I went near the stage to get some photos, but when David is about to go onstage, we kinda went back because we have a feeling that we’re gonna get squished in our places.

(Eula and Jasmine)

And yes finally he went out then everybody screamed. He was so funny, cute and white!!! I love how he recited some parts of the faces on Filipino! Haha. And wow, he has such a wonderful voice!!

He sang 3 songs:>A Little Too Not Over You


>Angels (Robbie Williams Cover)

Then he signed the albums that we bought 🙂

This day is so awesome! Aside from meeting David Archuleta for the first time, I had so much fun hanging out with my friend Katty, before and after the show!

Then, I had a delicious dinner with my parents at Gotti’s. That Godfather Pizza is so yummmyyyyy!!


Blog Title inspired by the song: Crush – by David Archuleta


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