New Year’s Resolution Poem (2008)

So I was fixing my stuff then I came along one of the containers where I keep the letters, cards, etc. given to me by my friends, and other memorabilia and the like. Then, I came across this poem I wrote I think 4 years ago, when I was in 2nd year high school. So here goes…

New Year’s Resolution

New life for this brand new year

To make changes, I should not fear.

In the past I’ve made some mistakes

Now it’s what I should avoid to make

I went through challenges and trials

And through all of them, it’s God whom I dialed

So now I’m stronger than ever

A goal this year, to be better

In a few months, I’ll be in a university

I hope I can overcome my anxiety

Try to stay positive everytime

And finish all projects on time

I’ve learned from the past, time to move on

Whatever comes, bring it on!

I’m gonna show the world who this girl can be

It will only take time for them to see


About Thea Gertrude

Fangirl who loves to travel

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