You Got Me Hypnotized, So Mesmerized

I’m not really a big fan of David Archuleta but this event is so amazing! Thanks to my friend Katty for inviting me to this event at SM Mall of Asia. When I entered the venue, I was surprised to see one of my friends in school, Jojo, that I was like “Oh my gosh” then we hugged each other. After that, the two guards at the entrance keep teasing me. Before David showed up, Jasmine Curtis-Smith and Eula Caballero took the stage. Jasmine is so damn beautiful. Katty and I went near the stage to get some photos, but when David is about to go onstage, we kinda went back because we have a feeling that we’re gonna get squished in our places.

(Eula and Jasmine)

And yes finally he went out then everybody screamed. He was so funny, cute and white!!! I love how he recited some parts of the faces on Filipino! Haha. And wow, he has such a wonderful voice!!

He sang 3 songs:>A Little Too Not Over You


>Angels (Robbie Williams Cover)

Then he signed the albums that we bought 🙂

This day is so awesome! Aside from meeting David Archuleta for the first time, I had so much fun hanging out with my friend Katty, before and after the show!

Then, I had a delicious dinner with my parents at Gotti’s. That Godfather Pizza is so yummmyyyyy!!


Blog Title inspired by the song: Crush – by David Archuleta


Work of Art

It has been a part of my routine for years to go online right after I get home, unless I am very tired. When I arrived home today, I saw the announcement made by Music Management International – contests for Meet & Greet passes for LIV5! I have been waiting for these for quite a while now because I really wanted to meet my favorite bands, especially The Ready Set. After reading the announcement I freaked out and then I started to write ideas at once. Actually, I was able to write a lot. I myself was surprised. I guess MMI was able to awaken the creativity within me. Haha.

Lol yup. I ended up with the Young Forever MV


Blog Title inspired by the song: Work Of Art – by Demi Lovato

She’s Eighteen and a Beauty Queen

Best day of my life.

I totally didn’t expect that this night will be this wonderful and amazing.

All the bullshit that I went through for the preparation are SO worth it. It was so stressful to the point that I regret having this party. I was like, “I should’ve went shopping, etc.” Thanks to my friends who keep on telling me that what I was feeling was normal and that it will all be worth it. And they were right – that on the night itself, there will be some disappointments but all I have to do is make the most out of what’s there and who’s there. To be honest, during this night, I actually didn’t notice who wasn’t there because I was enjoying too much.

Grand Entrance

Song number of Selena Gomez’ “Love You Like A Love Song”

Shoe Ceremony

18 Roses

 Cake Ceremony

18 Candles

18 Thousands

Hannah Montana’s Hoedown Throwdown.

Surprise Special Number by my Block 4 Sisters!

18 Sweets

Speech + Ending song number: Demi Lovato’s “This Is Me”

Other Photos:

Special thanks to Bliss Events Management for making everything a whole lot easier.

Dresses by: Basic Silhouette

Photos by: Benjie’s Photography

Venue: Century Park Hotel

Blog Title inspired by the song: Girls Do What They Want – by The Maine

You Won’t Be Seventeen Forever

January 18, 2012

Today is my actual 18th birthday. I was lucky that today is a Wednesday, so I don’t have classes. My parents and I went to Laguna, picked up my brother and had lunch at King Bee. They ordered a big crab for me. Hmm, so it’s not as delicious as most crabs I had before but it’s still CRAB, my favoriteeee!!! My parents’ homemade crabs are still the best.

After that, we went to my mom’s friend to fit my gown and dress, and for my mom to fit hers. Then we went to SM Sta. Rosa (I used to be there almost every day when I was in high school but now I rarely go to this mall) to buy clothes and stuff for my dad and my brother. Then I bought the soundtrack of Hannah Montana Forever, as a birthday gift for myself. After that, we had dinner at Shakey’s.

To be honest, I was a bit disappointed. Maybe it’s because I was going through a lot of stress for the preparation of my debut on Saturday. But overall, this day is good.

Also, my dad told me, “18 ka na, pero 17 forever ka parin sakin”. Haha. It’s ’cause he knows me twitter name :))

Blog Title inspired by the song: Seventeen Forever – by Metro Station

New Year’s Resolution Poem (2008)

So I was fixing my stuff then I came along one of the containers where I keep the letters, cards, etc. given to me by my friends, and other memorabilia and the like. Then, I came across this poem I wrote I think 4 years ago, when I was in 2nd year high school. So here goes…

New Year’s Resolution

New life for this brand new year

To make changes, I should not fear.

In the past I’ve made some mistakes

Now it’s what I should avoid to make

I went through challenges and trials

And through all of them, it’s God whom I dialed

So now I’m stronger than ever

A goal this year, to be better

In a few months, I’ll be in a university

I hope I can overcome my anxiety

Try to stay positive everytime

And finish all projects on time

I’ve learned from the past, time to move on

Whatever comes, bring it on!

I’m gonna show the world who this girl can be

It will only take time for them to see