You Make Me Swoon

This is so last minute because I found out about it two days before. And I wasn’t even sure if Marie is gonna perform too or if she’s just gonna do CD signing.

I had a class until 4:10PM then I still have to go home to leave some of my heavy things and eat a bit. Mae and I arrived at the mall a few minutes after 5:00PM but the show hasn’t started yet. I was surprised to see that there were only few people. We bought the CDs at only P250 each then we entered the venue. There were lots of vacant seats but there are quite a number of people standing beyond the border and at the edges of the upper floors. After a few minutes, Marie hit the stage and I was surprised about her beauty! She talked for a while and then played her songs from her album. I FELT SO BAD FOR HER. Why? Because almost no one was cheering or clapping their hands or showing interest! I really do not understand. The people who are outside the venue do not even know her and they have NO REACTION during the entire show, and when Marie asked the people on the 2nd floor to clap their hands, again NO REACTION. I was like WTF. And even the people inside the venue, mostly, do not even show any sign of excitement! So yeah, I really feel bad, especially that she’s an international musician. ANYWAY, after the show, I got my CD and my giant poster signed by Marie herself, and the fans were allowed to take a photo with her, talk to her, and hug her! It was as if there were no security guards. This is the first time that I experienced this kind of CD signing because in the previous ones that I’ve been to, the artists are just gonna sign the CD then the guards will drag you away after. Marie is so sweet and down to earth!

*Thank you to MCA Music & Astrovision!


Blog Title inspired by the song: Swoon – by Marie Digby


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