You Make Me Swoon

This is so last minute because I found out about it two days before. And I wasn’t even sure if Marie is gonna perform too or if she’s just gonna do CD signing.

I had a class until 4:10PM then I still have to go home to leave some of my heavy things and eat a bit. Mae and I arrived at the mall a few minutes after 5:00PM but the show hasn’t started yet. I was surprised to see that there were only few people. We bought the CDs at only P250 each then we entered the venue. There were lots of vacant seats but there are quite a number of people standing beyond the border and at the edges of the upper floors. After a few minutes, Marie hit the stage and I was surprised about her beauty! She talked for a while and then played her songs from her album. I FELT SO BAD FOR HER. Why? Because almost no one was cheering or clapping their hands or showing interest! I really do not understand. The people who are outside the venue do not even know her and they have NO REACTION during the entire show, and when Marie asked the people on the 2nd floor to clap their hands, again NO REACTION. I was like WTF. And even the people inside the venue, mostly, do not even show any sign of excitement! So yeah, I really feel bad, especially that she’s an international musician. ANYWAY, after the show, I got my CD and my giant poster signed by Marie herself, and the fans were allowed to take a photo with her, talk to her, and hug her! It was as if there were no security guards. This is the first time that I experienced this kind of CD signing because in the previous ones that I’ve been to, the artists are just gonna sign the CD then the guards will drag you away after. Marie is so sweet and down to earth!

*Thank you to MCA Music & Astrovision!


Blog Title inspired by the song: Swoon – by Marie Digby


My Heart Skipped A Beat

October 21st at around 1:00-3:00AM (I think), Music Management International finally announced one of the greatest news ever.

I was still awake that time because I was doing an outline for my class in Human Behavior and my laptop is right in front of me. Suddenly, MMI tweeted something about LIV3. It was so crazy. Everyone was freaking out (those who were still online that time). I happen to have two online friends, Kai and Joseph, who were still awake. We were talking to each other in our Facebook group and all of us were like OHMYGOD ASDFASDGASDGSDRGHASDFAS BLAH BLAHA ASFGAGAS ASDGA. Hahaha. And when MMI said that the show isn’t called LIV3, we started doing funny guesses and then Joseph was able to come up with FIV3 and I was laughing so hard inside the room. Oh, and I also got a sweet shoutout. When they finally announced it as LIV5, that’s when I got so hyper. And I felt even more hyper when they announced that The Summer Set is a part of it! I couldn’t help but make some noises that my mom actually thought something was wrong. I think it was around 3:00AM when the first band was announced. Then I had to go to bed because I have an 8:00AM class but before I slept I already texted some of my friends about it. Their replies were priceless. And then my friend told me that A Rocket To The Moon was the second band. I’m not really a big fan but it’s my best friend’s favorite band so I am also happy! Btw, I also gave my number to an online friend so that she could update me since I can’t go online inside the classroom. So I was in class at around 8:30AM then my phone vibrated. I opened the message and it says The Ready Set! OMG THE READY FREAKIN’ SET JORDAN WITZIGREUTER ASDFAGDGAADSF and I wasn’t able to control myself from saying something! Thank God it wasn’t that loud (I really think so) BUT HOLY CRAP YOU KNOW THE FEELING THAT YOU WANTED TO SCREAM AND DO HAPPY JUMPING AND STUFF LIKE THAT BUT YOU CAN’T BECAUSE YOU’RE STUCK INSIDE THE CLASSROOM? THAT WAS ONE OF THE WORST FEELINGS EVER. I FELT LIKE A TORTURED FAN GIRL. Then the same friend told me about A+ Dropouts, and I was like “Who are they?” and she was like “I don’t know”. And then the next band announced was Forever The Sickest Kids. I love them too omg! When I couldn’t take it anymore I went out of the classroom. I went to the restroom and no one was there and I wanted to do something crazy like maybe scream a little bit or whatever but I couldn’t. I don’t know why but maybe it’s because that ‘thing’ is already trapped inside of me when I stopped myself from reacting too much since I was inside the classroom. I was so happy that time that I told my friends about it even if most of them couldn’t relate lol. Then I was using all caps while texting my other friends who are also fans of those bands. THIS IS JUST INSANE. I don’t know how I will ever thank Music Management International for this, and of course for the previous shows. AND THANK YOU LORD FOR HEARING MY PRAYERS!

Oh, and remember this?

MMI really did bring 3 out of the 4 bands I requested in this tweet. Oh, and I also gave them links of tweets about #ManilaWantsARocketToTheMoon. I didn’t get any reply but I’d like to assume. Haha. Well, I just love MMI 🙂

Oh, and remember this too? (July 31, 2011) ♥

Edit: October 23, 2011



Blog Title inspired by the song: My Heart Skips A Beat – by Lenka