Seasons In The Sun

To start things off, I didn’t really plan to watch this concert. When I asked my parents to buy me tickets to All Time Low, I told them that it would be the last for this year. To be honest, when I first heard that Westlife is coming here, I really didn’t mind it. I thought I grew out from them. Then the news spread and I keep hearing people talking about their concert. I also keep hearing their songs and it kinda gave me the urge to go to their concert. But I was like, “It’s okay. I’m not gonna watch Westlife and I’m perfectly fine with that. I’m gonna see All Time Low, anyway.

Around 3 weeks before the show, during my sembreak, my uncle gave me a certain amount of money when we visited him. When school started, my friends started paying their debts. Then I was like, “Hey, I could use this money to buy a ticket to see Westlife.” After that realization, I decided not to go to Starbucks as often as I do. And so, around 2 weeks before the concert, I was able to save enough money for an Upper Box A ticket. It was the first time I bought a concert ticket using my own money. It’s not a VIP ticket which I’m used to have but, hey, I’m gonna see WESTLIFE – my childhood favorite. I’ve been a fan since I was 5 years old. I really was an avid fan back then that I used to have their old CDs and posters, and I kinda dance in front of the television whenever their music videos are being played. Yes, it’s crazy but I’ve been a fangirl since I was 5. Now, I’m 17 years old and wow, it’s been 12 years.

I watched the concert with my dad because I’m not allowed to go to places alone. We arrived at the venue a little early, so while waiting for the show to start, we ate a big box of popcorn and ice cream and chatted. Then when I looked around me, I was like, “Holy crap! There are so many people here!” The crowd was a mixture of kids and adults. When Westlife came on stage, the crowd went wild.

(photo taken by Magic Liwanag for Dayly Entertainment)

(photo taken by “huesca”)
They started the show with When You’re Looking Like That which is one of my favorite songs of them. It made me feel more excited. They performed a variety of songs – some favorites of mine, some I’m familiar with, and some which I just heard for the first time. Yes, I haven’t listened to any song from their latest album Gravity. But I have to say that those songs I’m not familiar with which they performed were wonderful. The song from their recent album that caught my attention most was Beautiful Tonight. It was very catchy and the lighting effects were great! Oh, and I’m so happy that they sang my all-time favorite, “Seasons In The Sun”! I don’t know why but I really didn’t expect them to sing this song so I was really surprised when they did! But the most shocking part of the show was when they performed a medley. They did a cover of Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance! That was EPIC. I mean, who would expect a boy band to perform such song? I’m glad that they didn’t wear gaga clothes. Whew! I was also surprised when they included Rihanna’s Only Girl (In The World). Mark’s voice was astonishing!

In between songs, the boys talked to the crowd. Whenever they say “Manila” or “Philippines”, the crowd screamed louder. Shane said that the Manila crowd is the most enthusiastic. I don’t exactly remember but I think he said it’s because whenever they say “Manila” or something, everybody goes *insert Shane’s unforgettable facial expression and hand movement here* and gosh he looked so cute and adorable when he did that! LOL!

(photo taken by Magic Liwanag for Dayly Entertainment)

I don’t recall which part of the show this happened but they actually called some fans on stage! They chose from those with the banners. It was cool because they recognized the effort of the fans and they did notice the signs. In the previous concerts I’ve been to, I have observed that most performers didn’t really mind the signs. Anyway, there were some chosen fans that I think the security people blocked or something. But the members of Westlife stood up for them. They were like, “Hey security, security, they’re coming on stage.” Oh gosh, they are just so amazing.

During the show, Nicky made us do the Mexican wave, twice! It was so cool and he actually recorded it using his phone and uploaded it on TwitVid! He keeps on recording the crowd during some parts of the show. One time, he was singing while recording. And he also told us to scream as loud as we can and he’s gonna record it to show his family and friends how crazy the Manila crowd was.

(photo taken by Magic Liwanag for Dayly Entertainment)

They ended the show with “Uptown Girl” which is one of my top favorites. I can’t believe that I actually danced. Well, it’s fine because it was dark and people won’t see me, except those who are behind me, but they can only see my shadow and not my face LOL.

The show was epic that I didn’t actually feel bad when they didn’t sing my other favorite songs. I have to admit that I don’t remember every word to the songs I’m familiar with as much as I did when I was in grade school but I really enjoyed the show! Thank you to everyone who made this event possible. Thank you to Nicky, Shane, Mark, Kian, and the Westlife crew for coming here. Thank you Dayly Entertainment for bringing them here. Thank you to Manila Concerts Scene. Thank you to the photographers for the great photos. Thank you to the other fans for taking videos. Thank you to the people who set up the stage, lights, sound system, etc. Well, basically thank you to everyone. And of course, thank you Lord!

The boys said that they’ll try to come here as often as they did before. I am really looking forward to that. Next time, I’m hittin’ on VIP tickets and Meet & Greet passes (hopefully)!

(photo taken by Ferdie Arquero for Dayly Entertainment)

Blog Title inspired by the song: Seasons In The Sun – by Westlife

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3 thoughts on “Seasons In The Sun

  1. It was such an epic concert, right? I’m so glad I came! My sister is a Westlife addict! I mean, I was a fan since I was 4 (NICKY! haha), I think, but it wasn’t that intense. I just became a fangirl when I got into my teens and it was because of my sister. Heehee. Ugh, I thought they weren’t going to mind the signs so we didn’t make one! I bet the boys would call us though if we did. Hahaha.

    My favorite part was the medley! I love it when they dance, it’s like they’re dancing for their life. AND THEY’RE WEARING MICKEY MOUSE SHIRTS! Ahh, these boys ❤

  2. Pearl says:

    Aw You’re just so lucky! I was reading and smiling (‘: Especially the part about Nicky HAHA ❤

  3. Gelo says:

    LOL u danced!! great post btw!

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