All Time Low CD Signing

I planned to go to SM North Edsa before 10:00AM but my mom and I arrived at the mall at around 10:30AM. I was kind of in panic mode because I was afraid that the CDs might run out before I get three (one for me, and two for my friends who will arrive late). When I arrived at the venue, the line was so long and I was so alone but thank God I have an online friend, Kam, who’s already lined up, with her two friends. I’ve known her for a few months and this is the first time ever that I met her. After buying our CDs and getting our stubs, we were just outside and then I saw my friends Casper and Nichole. The latter is also an online friend who I met for the first time. After the quick chat, they had to leave because they still have classes, also one of Kam’s friends. Before Kam, Cha, and I went inside the venue, I met another online friend, Carmel, for the first time, and she introduced me to her friend, Chang. But again, they had to leave because of school. Then, while seated, I was just looking around then I saw this girl, Audrey, who I also saw last September 11, during the Hustlers’ Gathering at SM Megamall. I still didn’t know her that time and I didn’t get the chance to talk to her but we smiled at each other, so I remember her face. When she entered the venue, I saw that she was alone, so I waved at her, then she sat beside me. After that, we started to introduce ourselves to each other. I also had a group of online friends who went to the signing. I really don’t know 99% of them by face and I don’t have their phone numbers. I assumed they were the people seated at the right side and I was right. While waiting, Kam and I did some schoolwork, and when we were done, our friends have returned and we just chatted with each other and took some photos.

After hours of waiting, Miggy Chavez went on stage and talked about stuff. Then there were games and raffles. And then Typecast took over the stage. At first it was okay. The band was good and the crowd was clapping and cheering for them. But then at one point, the people stood up one by one while looking at the right side, it was like a domino effect which started at the back. Then there was All Time Low. Intense screaming by the fans followed. It was SO LOUD. I felt bad for Typecast, because they were still performing that time but the attention of everybody is focused on All Time Low. And we can see them from backstage, happily taking photos of the crowd. Typecast is supposed to play more songs but they were called backstage when All Time Low arrived.

My footage:

The boys went on stage, and once again the crowd screamed their lungs out. I was so happy because I finally saw them! And then we all lined and it was so crazy because there are so many fans and we’re all excited. Then FINALLY, it was my turn. I couldn’t believe that they were right in front of me, only the table in between. What I didn’t like is that it was SO FAST. It’s like 3 seconds per member. But at least I got to chance to see them real close and I got a high five from all of them! I couldn’t forget how Alex said “Thank you” and how Jack stared at me. Rian and Zack just smiled at me. After that encounter, I was literally shaking (just a bit though) and Nichole was like, “Okay ka lang?”

It was an extraordinary experience. I met a lot of really cool friends – fangirls and fanboys who love music as much as I do, and who loves going to fun events like concerts. Again, thank you so much Astroplus for this wonderful experience.

*with Audrey Cruz

*with Cha Junsay & Kam Arendain

*with Audrey, Kam, and Cha

*with Casper and Cha


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