3 Cheers for Mayday Parade!

I have been to some concerts before, and I admit that I’m not THAT huge fan of MAYDAY PARADE, but I SWEAR I HAVE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE THEM BEFORE! (in a good way)

The show was just awesome. First of all, the venue (Meralco Theater) is great – the seats were elevated so with the height I have, I didn’t have any problem in watching the band the band perform. Then, the lightings were just fab! Then, of course, the band itself! I have to say that they are just beyond amazing! When I bought the concert tickets, I really didn’t know what to expect from the band, so I was surprised on their performance, especially with Alex Garcia & Brooks Betts. (I didn’t have much view of Jeremy Lenzo since he’s mostly at the right side of the stage). I’m amazed with these two guys on how they played their guitars! I can’t even find words on how to describe them! It’s just that, even though they tend to do a lot of techniques (if that’s the right term) with their guitars, and some jumps, they did NOT look awkward (because I’ve seen some musicians I love do the same and they just look completely weird on stage..) – same goes with the other 3 members. Even though they were kind of clumsy on stage, they performed with class. They did NOT look like try-hard rockstars, it’s as if being a rockstar comes naturally with them.

(photo taken by Jep Senir)

Today is actually the first time that I went to a concert without having someone use my own camera and ask them to take photos and videos. And so, I wasn’t able to take several shots because I think that it’s so much better to just rock out with the band. My favorite parts of the show are, first, when they played Kids In Love (my top favorite song), Terrible Things (one of the most heartbreaking songs I’ve ever heard – This was played acoustic that’s why the crowd can clearly be heard singing along. It just feels amazing when you sing the same words with hundreds of people even though you do not know all of them), and Jersey(the last song they played; one of my favorites).

However, I should say that I was a bit disappointed. This is because some of my favorite songs were not played by them – I Swear This Time I Mean It, Bruised & Scarred, Miserable At Best, Save Your Heart, If You Can’t Live Without Me Why Aren’t You Dead Yet? But that’s just how it goes. There are always these songs you like that doesn’t get included in the setlist. But overall, Mayday in Manila was an incredible experience for me. I actually met 3 friends during the show, and I met a new online friend who went to the same show, so it’s cool 

(photo by Jep Senir)

He was on fire on stage!

Good looks + great hair + skinny jeans + low-buttoned polo, all back outfit!So far the best guitarist I’ve ever seen live! I have no more words… He’s just amazing!

And now, as I am typing this blog, I am having another one of those “Did that really happen?” moment.

I would like to thank all the producers, promoters, organizers, crew, the band, and everyone who made this show possible. Also, my parents for buying me the concert tickets & supporting me throughout this event, and of course God 

July 7, 2011 – another night to remember for the rest of my life

(all photos in this section were taken by me)

Also, here’s a photo of the setlist which I took. This is just a photo, I wasn’t able to get one.

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Blog Title inspired by the song: 3 Cheers for 5 Years – by Mayday Parade