Party in the Philippines

This day. Was it real?

I saw Miley Cyrus to flesh. I didn’t even dream of seeing her personally. But it happened. I just can’t freaking believe it.

*my spot 🙂

I asked my parents to buy me VIP tickets, but they bought me SVIP tickets instead. I sooo love them! And yup I watched with my dad J Our seats were located on the 6th row, centerstage, and the stage was shaped like a T! We’re on the 2nd row from that extended part of the stage. While waiting inside the venue, I just couldn’t hide my excitement that I was acting a bit crazy and hugging my dad a lot. We were there a bit early, so I got the chance to hang out with my friend Iza. Then one of my blockmates sent me a text message saying that she saw me on tv! Cooool. Haha. I researched on it when I got home and yes there was me and my dad entering the venue! Here’s the link:

To be honest, Miley’s concert is not everything I’ve ever imagined or wished it would be. In her DVDs, I’ve always seen a lot of effects like fireworks, cool lightings, and stuff like that. Her show in Manila is a bit too plain I guess, except for the backup dancers. BUT STILL, IT’S MILEY FREAKIN’ CYRUS AND SHE’S IN FRONT OF ME, AND SHE’S REAL – NO LONGER JUST A POSTER, OR A CHARACTER ON TV, OR A PHOTO ON MY LAPTOP, OR A FACE IN MY SHIRTS, PENCIL CASES, BAGS, ETC – SHE’S THERE BREATHING AND SINGING AND DANCING – AND SHE WAS SO CLOSE TO ME THAT I FELT LIKE I WAS DREAMING DURING THE ENTIRE SHOW – NO KIDDING.

Whew. I just couldn’t believe that I personally saw her, after admiring her since 2006. When my blockmate sent me a text message months ago saying that Miley is coming to the Philippines, I literally jumped for joy like a fool, in front of my mother.

One thing I didn’t like about the concert was the crowd. People from a big portion of the SVIP area are JUST SITTING, as if they didn’t care, although they were standing at first. But it was really disappointing to see them sitting. I wonder what Miley was thinking while she was performing. I understand that a lot of people, especially the kids, expected “Hannah Montana” but I think they should’ve showed a sense of excitement. I’m not bashing anyone here but I’m just really bitter and disappointed because most of them get their tickets for free and yet it’s like they don’t even care. Other people deserve their seats. But then again, life is unfair at times and there’s nothing I can do about it. What’s important is that Miley Cyrus actually went to the Philippines.

Tonight was EPIC. To the security guards and bouncers who let me stand on my chair, thank you. To the KJ ones, screw you. To the people who scream during Miley’s speeches and sad songs, screw you too. Haha jk. But well, I was kinda annoyed because I couldn’t understand what Miley was saying because of all the screaming. Anyway, thank you so much to my family, Music Management International, Futuretainment, Astroplus, the other sponsors/organizers/crew/every person who made this event possible. And of course, THANK YOU LORD!

(photo by me)

(photo by me)

(photo by Luiza Artillero)

(photo by Luiza Artillero)

(photo by Luiza Artillero)

(photo by Luiza Artillero)

In addition, I’ve been to a number of concerts, but this show is the first one that made me literally lose my voice! I’m glad my presentation in my Speech class is done! Haha. Well, I had a bad cough that day, so during the performance of the opening acts Sam Concepcion and Elmo Magalona, I couldn’t really scream. It was kinda like silent screaming and I was like “Why does it have to be today?!” then when Miley went on stage I screamed my lungs out and yup, voice came out of my mouth. The next day at school, I wore the Miley shirt I bought during the show. I was inside the elevator and then a girl, with some friends, went in, and she was also wearing a Miley shirt, with a different design though. And when she spoke, she also has no voice. We talked. Two girls with no voices talking to each other, then the people inside the elevator were giggling. Haha. It was  cool though.

(photo by Howell Santiago)

*I put two circles in the photo, Miley is the one in the bigger circle, and the other is me 🙂

*Thanks to Katty Lominoque for taking this photo!


*with my dad

*with Luiza Artillero

*with Katty Lominoque & Pajee Lozada

Blog Title inspired by the song: Party in the USA – by Miley Cyrus


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