Like It’s My Birthday!

This is officially one of the best days of my life.
To start things off, this is the finals week of De La Salle University , so I have been very sleep-deprived since Sunday night because of exams and projects.
This day, I had a final exam in my major subject, Accounting, at 8-11am. And the next day I still have 2 exams, Business Calculus (8-10am) and Obligations & Contracts (6-8pm). But I was like, “SO WHAT? I’M GOING TO SEE GOOD CHARLOTTE!” So instead of sleeping and studying after my exam in Accounting, I went to Glorietta instead.

I arrived at Glorietta a few minutes before 4pm, then we asked where the Activity Center is (I’m not really good at remembering locations ), but then we heard Good Charlotte themselves playing I Don’t Wanna Be In Love (Dance Floor Anthem) for their soundcheck!  I was so overwhelmed! Then I saw Astroplus’ CD stand and bought one! After a few minutes of watching and singing along and screaming, I approach an entrance. Of course, I ask my brother to take a picture of me first by the tarpaulin. After reading what was written at the entrance, which says something like “Public Entrance (Orange Stubs)”, I checked the tickets that my dad got me. They were red tickets. After having found the entrance for this kind of ticket, I learned that what I have were VIP tickets! and that the numbers written at the bottom of each one of them were seat numbers! WOW. just WOW.  A few minutes later, my best friend Reiko (who was also with me at the We The Kings/The Maine/Never Shout Never concert) arrived. We stayed near the entrance and chat with each other. After a while, the band members went away to somewhere I don’t know lol (And yes, they walked right in front of me, I froze ). Since it’s still 4:30pm (which is 2 hours before the show) and we’re also hungry, we stopped by McDonald’s which is just beside the Activity Center. As I mentioned, it was my school’s finals week. I brought my notebook in Business Calculus (I can be a nerd sometimes, just sometimes ). While my bro & best friend were at the counter, I read my notes, but when they returned I wasn’t able to really read because I enjoyed just chatting and being with them (See, I rarely get to spend time with my best friend because we live far away, last time I saw her was on Feb. 20, the previous Ayala Malls concert), and of course because of the atmosphere. I was so excited for the concert, and obviously almost all the people sitting around us were also going to the concert (Yes, I can tell ). When we saw that the number of people were increasing, we went back to the entrance, and after a few minutes, they let us in!

Then again, I was shocked when I found out that one of our tickets is a front row seat!  WHOA! Although it’s at the right-most side, but still, it’s FRONT ROW!  I was like, “Is this real?”. After having realized that I wasn’t dreaming , I took my seat. Reiko’s seat is located behind me, and my brother’s behind her. There was a fan located almost beside our seats, and my bro and best friend was feeling cold that they wanted to put it to a different direction. The three of us were laughing because of it (I was facing them), and when I looked back, the security guard was smiling/laughing at us! then we thanked him after he put the fan into an upward direction. And that’s when the funny story started. I wouldn’t write everything because this blog will be a lot longer, but the main thing is that I became friends with the security guard just through chatting with each other, he even teased me (when I took out and read my Calculus notebook) that the next day I would answer Good Charlotte’s name in my exam .
At 6:30pm the show started! I don’t really know the exact words I should use to describe their AWESOMENESS. They’re just AMAZING. If I may describe it in Filipino, I’d call it IMBA (It’s a term coined by online gamers, short for ‘imbalanced’, which means like ‘too good’ or something, as I said I don’t have the words! ). It was CRAZY, the crowd really went WILD. And the way that Good Charlotte performed, it’s so PROFESSIONAL. I mean, if you were really able to watch them, you’d know that each one of these skilled musicians really know what they were doing. Teamwork is also evident. I’ve seen a few international bands before (which I’m a HUGE fan of) but Good Charlotte’s performance is WAY BETTER than theirs. I say, IT’S OFF THE HOOK, MAN! I loved and enjoyed every second of their concert. One of my favorite parts was when they performed THE ANTHEM, the first one, and at the last part 4 of them jumped altogether twice! (Here’s a link: that was just WOW.

Another part of the show where I truly enjoyed was when Joel and the crowd were like:

I screamed at the top of my lungs. That was SICK! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to record it.
That was just AWESOME!

And well, the show ended at around 8:00-8:30pm I guess. THEN THIS IS THE AMAZING PART. After the show, we were sitting at the venue, resting, waiting for the Meet&Greet to end, so that the CD signing will start. Then, when the Meet&Greet session was about to end, the security guard I was saying approached us! He said “Oh, andyan pala kayo! Tara!” (not really the exact words – “Oh there you are, come on!” HE LET US LINE FOR THE MEET & GREET!!!!! HE TOLD THE OTHER GUARDS “LET THESE GIRLS IN, OKAY?” And so we went in. When it was almost our turn, some guys asked me and Reiko where we got the YELLOW STUBS (M&G pass), and since we didn’t have one, I didn’t know what to answer. Luckily, the people-in-charge already called us because it’s almost our turn. And yes, I wasn’t able to answer. When we’re about to go on stage, the lady asked us for our yellow stubs, I literally froze for a few seconds. (Deep down I was like “OMG I don’t have one *cries* and I thought they wouldn’t let us in). FORTUNATELY, the people are all in hurry so the other guys with that lady told us to go on stage now, and so we rushed there.

I’M SPEECHLESS. I met the awesome GOOD CHARLOTTE and was able to talk to them for a few seconds. Yes, it’s only for a few seconds but as a fan, it means THE WORLD to me. The first one I was able to talk to was BILLY, and since I was starstruck, again I froze for a while that he had to tell me to move . Actually, after shaking his hand, he pointed to the direction where I’m supposed to go which is to his left  And so I moved and went face-to-face with PAUL & DEAN. I waved at them and said a few words (which I already forgot). Then, BENJI !!! Still can’t believe that I was able to hug him! He’s officially the first musician I hugged. I was out of my mind that time that I don’t even recall what happened next between me and JOEL (the next in the line). MY GOSH. I really really don’t remember anything after that heavenly hug! I’m so bothered by this, maybe I wasn’t even able to say hi or something. I really don’t know! (Joel, if you’re reading this I’m sorry, but you should know that I LOVE YOU!) Btw, before I got to Benji, they took a picture of us! AWESOMENESS!

Reiko and I went to my big brother after that wonderful moment. My brother told me that I have a SMILE FROM EAR TO EAR while I was onstage, and he said that obviously I was confused ’cause I looked like I didn’t know where I’m going Well, can you blame me?
After that, we looked for the kind security guard who let us in, and THANKED HIM SO MUCHHHHH! I never dreamed of what just happened. Just like what was said in the movie (forgot the title), “Lord, I only asked for bread, but you gave me burger, with fries!” 

After that, we lined up for the CD signing. It was cool because the people in the line are very calm. (I mean, compared to Metro Station’s chaotic CD signing where people kept pushing). And it was AMAZING because I got to see them again! I was suppose to ask them to also sign this GC concert flyer, but the people told us that only the CDs are allowed to be signed. And WOW, I love the silver pen that they used! It’s amazing! I remember I was able to shake someone’s hand that time, but again I DON’T FREAKING REMEMBER WHO’S HAND IT WAS . Then when I got in front of JOEL, I was like “HELLOOOOOO!!!” and he SMILED at me! Aaaaghhhhh!!! . And for the second time, I FORGOT WHAT HAPPENED BETWEEN ME & BENJI. (Dear Benji, blame your brother!) LOL JK. WOW. just WOW. Was that real? When I went out of that booth or something, I was literally jumping for joy! OH YEAH!

Since we were still full of energy that time, I asked my brother to take photos of me & Reiko by the tarpaulin thing. After a while, there’s this guy who is working for the concert, I mean, I think he’s one of those who set up the stage and stuff, who was selling us a GC guitar pick! At first I thought he was lying, but where else would he get it, right? He was selling it for P200, and I asked if I can buy it at P150, he agreed. After claiming ownership over the said guitar pick, I looked at the back of it, and it has the GC logo! So, I’m glad that I bought it. After a while, there was also another guy who was doing the same as the previous one, this time, Reiko bought it at a same price. This second guy priced it at P300, but we said that we were able to buy one which is half of its price, and so he agreed.

THIS DAY IS JUST SO EPIC. The only things missing were: hugs from BENJI, BILLY, PAUL, DEAN; DSLR cameras for HD pictures & videos; and performances of LET THE MUSIC PLAY & COUNTING THE DAYS. I hope that when they do return, they’ll include those in the set list 

Also, I almost lost my PEACE bracelet during the concert. The string was untangled and it fell behind the barricade. So I asked that guy to get it for me . One thing I regret about this day is not having anything to give them just as I planned. I always wanted to buy and give some Manila memorabilia or anything to foreign musicians, but see, all the concerts I’ve been to don’t really match my schedule. But there’s always a next time, right? 

My brother and I arrived home at around 11pm. Then I studied until 3 in the morning for my exam at 8am  The next day, I can’t help but brag to my friends about what happened.


Again, I would like to thank MUSIC MANAGEMENT INTERNATION & AYALA MALLS for making this happen. And of course, to my dad & his friend for the VIP tickets, and to the kind security guard. Also, the GC crew and the behind-the-scenes people. Above all else, I would like to thank GOD for making this event possible! 

(photo by me)

Blog Title inspired by the song: Like It’s My Birthday – by Good Charlotte