We’ll Be A Dream

February 20, 2011. A day before our midterm exam in Accounting, I went with my family & my best friend to the Ayala Malls Rock LIV3 Tour featuring We The Kings, The Maine, and Never Shout Never .
We arrived at Alabang Town Center at around 2:00pm, then we checked the venue. Damn it was so HOT that time, but still there are already many people waiting outside the venue, wearing band shirts and carrying some cardboard. After that, we went to the food court because we haven’t had our lunch yet. Then my best friend and I went to Odyssey to check if they are selling CDs of the bands, sadly they weren’t. So we decided to check the venue for the merchandise since I was informed by Manila Concert Scene, through Facebook, that there will be band merchandise. When we arrive at the venue, The Maine was doing soundcheck and there are now more people. We stayed under the hot sun, trying to ask people where’s the VIP booth , since it’s the first concert we’re attending as VIP. Then Never Shout Never came on stage for soundcheck, my best friend was so thrilled since she is a HUGE fan of Christopher Drew , the vocalist of the band. I was so happy to see her like that.
While waiting, we’ve been noticing people wearing band shirts and ballers. We were like “OMG, where’d they get those?!” We approached some people and they all replied that they got those stuff from the previous concerts. I was nervous because I thought they won’t be selling any more merchandise. 
After a couple more minutes, the guards ask the people to fall in line. CHAOS! Haha. People kept pushing and pushing in the line, which reminded me of the CD signing of Metro Station. Anyway, a few more minutes, there were People-In-Charge who came to the line and said that VIP or those who are in the Guest List have a separate line. So, we all got out of that crazy line! I was also thrilled when I found out that it was a reserved seating. I’m so blessed.
It was around 5pm when they let us in the venue. After finding our seats, my best friend and I were still looking for the merchandise booth. We thought they weren’t going to sell anymore. I was even disappointed because I thought I’d never have this awesome WTK shirt that I saw another girl wearing while in line.
A few minutes before 6pm, the start of the show, it was announced that the merchandise are available near the A Card seats. Upon hearing the announcement, we rushed outside to check for the shirts and ballers. It was a little embarrassing because I tripped while running then I accidentally pushed the girl in front of me. I hope no one saw that LOL. What a moment.
When Reiko & I arrived at the merch booth, they were only selling a few shirts of Never Shout Never. The people-in-charge said that there are “No CDs, No Ballers.” While people were purchasing the shirts, some asked for The Maine & We The Kings merch. The people replied that there are no more merchandise for The Maine, so their fans were like “Awww… ” but for the We The Kings, they said the merch will arrive later.
After Reiko has bought her shirt, we went back to our seats because there are too many people at the booth. A little later, my older brother approached me and told that a box was delivered to the booth and he said he thinks it contains the WTK merch. So again, Reiko & I ran as fast as we can to the said booth. Finally! I saw the shirt I wanted! Luckily I was second in line. But the people still were not selling because the area is chaotic and they were waiting for a go signal.
Then, there came Chris V !!! I was so happy because he noticed us when we said hi.  After purchasing a shirt and a hoody, we came back to our seats because the show is about to start.
The first performers were Never Shout Never. I’m not really familiar with their songs, the only one I know is “Trouble” which he performed while wearing that cute penguin hat, that he threw to the audience afterward. I love how Christopher Drew played the guitar. At some point, he looks as if he was a kid playing with his guitar, but most of the time he played like a rockstar!
Then, there came The Maine. Honestly, I don’t know a single song of this band because I came to the concert for WTK.
But the audience was so lively that everyone was screaming and jumping. Plus, I really love their songs because they are catchy, even though I really don’t know the lyrics.
My favorite part in the Maine’s performance is when their handsome vocalist tries to keep the audience quiet because he’s got something to say. He was “Sssshhhhhh”-ing for like 5 minutes. That was so funny because the audience kept screaming haha. Then he taught the lyrics to the audience, it goes like “Girls do what they want, boys do what they can.”
After that, everyone was then singing loudly with a very high energy. The audience went wild LOL. Also, I couldn’t forget the part when John threw some water to the audience 
If only I knew their songs beforehand, I would’ve enjoyed more.
Then, here came WE THE KINGS!  OMG. I screamed so loudly when the kings went to the stage! I remember the last time I screamed like that was when I thought I was going to die.
The first song that they performed was SKYWAY AVENUE. That moment was actually one of the best parts in the show. I can hear everybody singing along with Travis the whole time. The first part of the song was amazing. It was like this:

Travis: Sing with me! She said let’s…
Audience: …change our luck!
Travis: This night is…
Audience: …all we’ve got!
Travis: Drive fast until we crash…
Audience: …This dead-end life!

It was just AMAZING! Luckily, my dad was able to record the whole song.
The next song they played was SHE TAKES ME HIGH. It was the first song in their second album that I was addicted to. Then, they performed WHAT YOU DO TO ME. Before they started, Travis said that he’s gonna teach us a dance step. Honestly, I thought that step was something like Hoedown Throwdown . Fortunately, it was NOT. lol. It was for they “Hey, hey, hey, hey!” part of the song. After that they played, STAY YOUNG, one of my favorites from their first album. The next part was my favorite of all. Travis Clark performed an acoustic version of WE’LL BE A DREAM. He said that he made this version for the Philippines . That was the part when the audience was at their loudest. Even I couldn’t believe that we could be that loud. We were literally screaming the lyrics. During the last two chorus, Travis stopped singing and playing the guitar while the audience continue to sing. You can clearly see Travis smile. He’s obviously overwhelmed by the crowd. Then, the band played HEAVEN CAN WAIT, my favorite from their second album.
After their performance of the said song, this happened:

Travis: I know we’re a few days late but.. will you all be my belated valentine?
Travis: Okay, this next song is called…
Audience: Secret Valentine!
Travis *stops and smiles*: This song is called…!!!
Audience: Secret Valentine!!!!!!!!!
Travis: This song is called…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Audience: SECRET VALENTINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

And so, they played Secret Valentine  After that was their last song, CHECK YES JULIET. The audience was again singing along the whole time. And I loved how Travis moved his hips during the first part of the song. At the end, he and Hunter jumped together as they played their guitars. It was EPIC.

Also, I couldn’t forget how Danny threw his drumstick to the crowd. It landed right in front of me! Unfortunately, another girl was able to get it. The same happened with one of the guitar picks thrown by Travis. I got a little injury on my left hand because of what happened. The pain lasted for 2-3 days. Anyway, I don’t really care about it. What’s important is that I was able to see one of my favorite bands perform. Another thing that I couldn’t forget is when Travis said, “MAHAL KITA.” It was so cute!  He said it like: “Mahal Kee-ta” 

I originally planned to attend their concert for 3 days from 18th-20th (I couldn’t go on the 17th because I have night class). However, I was only able to go to the 20th because of school stuff. I would like to thank my dad and his friend from Ayala Malls for getting me a VIP ticket. It’s just so sad because the ticket, or should I say wristband, didn’t come with a Meet & Greet Pass. I was hoping that Travis, Hunter, Drew, and Danny would sign the WTK shirt I had made for the concert. 

We arrived home a few minutes before midnight. And I still had to study for my midterm exam in accounting, and I haven’t finished my Business Case yet.  I crammed for them but I really couldn’t work well because I still have hangover from the concert. But I was able to finish the case and study a little bit. The next day, I wore my WTK hoody, although it’s a little large on me, and my friends were like, “I want that!”  We were supposed to go together to the Ayala Malls Rock LIV3 Concert, but some of them have a required field trip for their SCIENVB class, and some chose to study for the Accounting midterm exam instead.

NAH, I’d do anything to see WE THE KINGS. It’s a once in a lifetime experience.
Up until now, I’m still overwhelmed. It’s the best feeling in the world. I just couldn’t describe how I felt while I was rocking along at the concert.

Thank you so much We The Kings, The Maine, Never Shout Never, their merch & tech guys, their tour managers, Music Management International, Ayala Malls, Manila Concert Scene, the concert organizers, the people who set up the stage, the people who worked on the sound system and lighting, to everyone who did their parts in order to make our dreams come true. And especially to the Lord God, for making this happen. THANK YOU & I LOVE YOU.

(photos by me)

As of December 2011, this is still the BEST DAY of my life. Although I really regret not knowing The Maine and knowing just one song of Never Shout Never before I went to the concert. This day has really changed my life. It made me realize how fun going to concerts really is, since I wasn’t really a concert goer until this day. It also helped me grow, in terms of music. I’ve always listened to Disney stuff like Hannah Montana before, but because of LIV3, I discovered other great music.
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Blog Title inspired by the song: We’ll Be A Dream – by We The Kings (feat. Demi Lovato)