Shake Shake Shake It!

[edited last June 11, 2012]

June 12, 2009

I actually got to see my favorite band, Metro Station, perform live at Alabang Town Center . When I heard that they were gonna perform here in the Philippines, I told myself that I had to be there NO MATTER WHAT. When my big brother first told me about the news, I didn’t believe it until I saw the commercial on Myx. Oh my god it’s true. I came to see them even though I was sick at that time. I think it was the time when there was this H1N1 virus thing? I was so sick that I actually almost stayed home. I was still lying in bed, then my parents and my brother are dressed up and they were like, “Let’s go!!!” I love them omg.

It was my first concert ever so I was SO lost. I don’t have tickets and I don’t know what to do. Then we saw a CD booth (I think it was Odyssey) near the activity center. Assuming that a CD purchase is equivalent to entry, my dad bought a CD and we were given a stub. But then it was just a CD signing stub and not a concert ticket. I was lucky because they increased the number of stubs released from 100 to 150.

Then we asked the concierge about the show. They said we need to purchase stuff worth P1000 to get one ticket. Of course I wouldn’t be allowed to enter the venue alone so IF we buy, we had to spend at least P2000. But then we observed that there are already so many people in line so I might not get a good spot even if we get tickets. I’m a big fan of Metro Station, but that time I wasn’t maarte or whatever, so I was cool with watching from the second floor.

While walking away from the concierge, my brother shouted my name and pointed somewhere near me. When I looked, OH MY GOD IT’S METRO STATION AND THEY WALKED RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME . I was so shocked that I wasn’t able to move and I just did some silent screaming (if ya know what I mean lol). But even if I approach them, I’d fail anyway because there were a couple of security guards, so yeah… Btw, I was also puzzled because there were 5 of them. I thought they had a new member, but then I found out that the other guy is not a band member but a crew guy. I think he’s name is Kenny?

Anyway, my family then went to the second floor to find a good spot. We waited for like more than an hour. I was with my dad by the barricade thing or whatever you call that while my mom and bro had coffee and pastry at Figaro which is just around 10 steps away. As I said, it was my first time so I don’t have a clue. I was puzzled why the band had to play two songs on stage before the show started (the fans were still not allowed to go in), later on I found out that they had to do a “soundcheck“.

Finally, the fans were let in and after a couple of minutes, the show started. They are amazing performers. But I have to admit that Trace is kinda annoying. I’m not hating okay? It’s just that… Ehh. If you’re familiar with the band then I think you know what I mean. Lol.

(Unfortunately, this is my only decent photo from the show. Lol)

As a first-timer, I found it funny how Mason and Trace thew bottled waters and face towels to the crowd  . They also threw guitar picks and the drum sticks. There were little Philippine flags by the stage (because it’s Independence Day) and Mason held one of them while speaking. I was surprised when Anthony spoke in Filipino. I know that he is pure Filipino but I didn’t actually expect that he knows the language. He said he’s from Paranaque! Also, one of my favorite parts was when all four of them shouted “Mabuhay!” and also when they said that they can’t wait to come back 😀

(During the CD signing – We weren’t allowed to take photos but my dad managed to take this. Kinda fail but hey I’m with them in the photo so yay)

I really enjoyed the concert. They were really great musicians and I just love their songs! After the show, we lined up for the CD signing. It was so crazy because people kept on pushing from behind. Finally, it was my turn! I couldn’t believe that I was in front of them. I hate the fact that I was speechless! I wasn’t able to say a word. I just smiled at them. I can never forget how Blake smiled back at me, and then oh my god I saw Mason‘s beautiful eyes!  Gosh. He was the only one standing, and wearing a hat also. Lol. I don’t think Trace and Anthony noticed me because they were talking to this little kid in front of me. Didn’t like how everyone except Mason were wearing sunglasses because I couldn’t see their eyes. But still they are all so handsome!

I just can’t wait ’til they come back (hopefully!)

They are never coming back </3

Blake Healy left the band and is now working as a songwriter, while Trace Cyrus and Anthony Improgo now have their own bands, Ashland High and Parade Of Lights, respectively. Metro Station now consists of Mason Musso, Austin Sands, and Cary White.

More Photos (credits to the owners)

Blog Title inspired by the song: Shake It – by Metro Station





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